Miranda The “Nutritionist”

Miranda supposedly studied nutrition (and psychology), so how come she doesn’t know the simplest of things when it comes to nutrition? Ok, she never finished her course but still… nutrition is nutrition and it’s something she claims to be passionate about.

What does a nutritionist do?

The Certification Board of Nutrition Specialists defines a nutritionist as “a health specialist who devotes his professional activity exclusively to food/nutrition science, preventative nutrition, disease related to nutrient deficiencies, and the use of nutrient manipulation to enhance the clinical response to human diseases”. They are also known as “dietitians”. Some of the diseases that nutritionists work to alleviate on a regular basis are, obesity, diabetes and hypertension. They also work on fixing diets of people who are nutrient deficient. If you have a potassium deficiency for example, the nutritionist will help you to set up a potassium rich diet.

Where has Miranda gone wrong?

Where to start.

She told someone on her Facebook that white spots on nails are a sign of low calcium. This is incorrect.

She has recommended Noni Juice to all who will listen but doesn’t state (or doesn’t know) the potential danger in drinking it. She is still drinking it while pregnant.

She recently gave a run down of her own diet and you can see she eats way under the recommended daily calorie intake. Her daily diet is like that of a daily crash diet. Not safe, not healthy, especially while pregnant. Trying to stay thin during pregnancy can cause heart disease to the baby.

She didn’t know you shouldn’t eat honey while pregnant.

She says she does “juice fasts” before an important shoot. This is obviously to make her lose any excess weight she wants rid of but this is, apparently,  a pile of rubbish (scroll down to “best way to detox”). Raw juices are fine when drank while on a balanced diet. Lots of fruit juices are high in fructos, which is bad for you.

She claims to use special blood type diets but there is no/little scientific evidence to prove they work or are good for you. there isn’t a whole lot of scientific evidence out there quite yet and many critical foods are eliminated from the different blood-type diets.

She says you should drink 1.5 – 2 litres of water a day. 1 – 1.5 litres is fine as we should be careful as drinking too much water is dangerous. I also don’t know if drinking all these juices are also considered as water… I would presume so as most fruits and veg have high water content so if she is drinking around 2 litres as well as her juices and maybe tea and/or coffee (counts as water intake). What you eat and what you drink (not always water) can count towards water intake. You have kidneys for a reason Miranda, let them work too!

I really hate Miranda’s constant lecturing on healthy living. I don’t really care what she eats, how much water she drinks etc but I wish she would stop recommending her lifestyle to others, especially when the majority of what she preaches about are classed as either “scams” and “bunkum” or just plain old dangerous! Feel free to add anything else she may have said that I’ve missed.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 3, 2010.

65 Responses to “Miranda The “Nutritionist””

  1. In answer to your wonder, yes all water in food, and juices is classed in that too, that is why more recently it has been seen as nonsense to drink that much water when it is in the food, tea and coffees we drink too, that is all classed in that 1-1 1/2 litres.

    I agree about the blood group diet, it really hasnt any proof that it works, tbh what I have read about it, you are cutting out so much food that the calorie intake is slashed., therefore you are losing weight by that NOT by WHAT you are eating, pretty much the same with the Atkins diet. There is no way she should be eating what she listed while she is pregnant, and I see that she is drinking the Noni still, even though there could be risk to her unborn child- how selfless she is-NOT.

    The fact she is “ignoring her cravings” tells me she is trying too hard to stay uber thin while pregnant and this will effect the baby as you say, that is completely selfish and when you are putting your figure before a baby’s needs, well I dont have to say anything do I? Why can’t she just have a little of what she fancies?? She is a control freak.

    I also agree that she should not be preaching people to eat like her, this is wrong with something like the blood group diet, what is wrong with just saying “eat healthy balanced diet, and have treats occasionally?” Thing is she is sadly seen as a Thinspo (which is a body anorexics aspire to) and a lot of young, impressionable girls will follow what she is saying in the hope they can get her body, why cant they see that if they cut out the junk, eat healthily and exercise they can look great without all the need for the fad unproven maybe dangerous diets? She is a menace and I wish she would shut her mouth. I hope her book sales are so low that she is left with the majority of them!! She is a DANGER to young girls!!

    • Thanks for clearing that up, I did think they all counted.

      I have to agree she is putting herself before her baby and it sickens me to be honest. I love my food and because I love my food, I work out hard most days so I have the figure I want as well as eat pretty good. I have 2 blow outs a week and I dont gain or lose weight. Like you say, a little of what you fancy really doesnt hurt. I wonder if she will count the calories in the baby food she feeds her “precious little one” or feed it on goji berries and juices. You can eat healthy and still eat around 2000 cals a day and not gain or lose weight when active. She must be constantly miserable denying herself all the time. The way she has apple cider vinegar twice in one day suggests to me she is using it as an appetite surpressant and “fat burner”. Does she have ANY fat on her body? Apart from the fat on her face cheeks but bulimia causes puffy face lol

      • From what I understand, prior to the pregnancy she weighed 110lbs, considering her height at 5’9″, her BMI is below where it should be.

        Going by this chart someone who is 5’9″ with a small frame, which she appears to have her healthy weight should be anywhere between 129lbs to 142lbs.

      • It is a joke! It wouldnt surprise me if she is bulimic- like i said before the only reasons you have puffiness are certain things, and all of them to do with health problems (except pregnancy of course but her face was puffy long before that)

      • That’s what I don’t get when people say her face is so much fuller with the pregnancy. Her face has always been chubby even before the pregnancy, the only times it doesn’t look chubby, is when she’s caked up with make up. Contouring and shading do wonders.

      • @Rik. Intersting! While I dont believe she is 5’9″ like she claims, she is still underweight for her supposed height (5’7″). I also have a problem believing she is 110lb, id say more like 98lb.

      • I’ve seen that as well, that she’s 5’7″. She may have been 110 earlier in the year or maybe even at some point last year even, most likely before the controversy of how skeleton-esque she had become for the high fashion modeling.

        Then again the 110lbs could have been when she first started modeling.

      • @Rik- I never believe she is 5’9 because I have noticed that when she wears 3-4 inch heels she barely pass Orlando and he is about 5’11. I put her at 5’7.5 at best.

      • Hmm, I have seen some pictures of Orlando next to Michael Sheen and they are a very similar height and Sheen is (apparently) 5’9″.

      • @Kerrazy- Well whether he is 5’9 or 5’11, MK can not be 5’9 since even when in flat she looks considerly shorter than her.

      • FWIW, I know someone who has met her and they say no way is she 5ft9. Can anyone explain to me please how she got to be a model when she isnt 5ft9? Isnt the minimum 5ft9? I dont know sorry if IM talking gibberish lol

      • @ LV I’ve always been under the impression that the minimum height requirement was 5’6″

    • I remember that she was papped once while eating alone in a restaurant and in the article they said she ate 2 plates of pasta, which I found odd for a model like her, constantly on a diet…I am not saying she is bulimic (if it was I wouldn’t be surprised at all), but I don’t think she lives and eats as healthy as she claims to. And it is so easy to see.

      • I remember that about the pasta. I thought it was a bit odd as well, especially now after seeing that daily diet of hers.

      • I remember this, and I also remember in an interview she said she doesn’t eat pasta or bread.
        It sounds like either binge eating or perhaps she paid off the paps to have them vouch that she ate two plates of pasta.

  2. Has anyone checked how many calories is in her daily intake? Seriously I have no idea how she is able to get away with things she does.

    • I think I rounded it off to around 500-600 calories with the diet she posted up, most of the food she is eating is sooo low on calories that she is lucky if she is even eating as much as 500 calories! Put it this way, she is no way having a 1000 calories- way under that, so that is disgusting enough. I bet she is a snappy cow as she must be constantly hungry. That baby must be tiny thats all I can say, that poor baby starving just so she can keep her too skinny figure, disgusting.

      • Damn only 500 calories? People in concentration camps during the Holocaust got 1100.

      • I wonder though if she ever breaks from this diet? Maybe has a pig out ir binges and purges IF she is bulimic? Surely she would be dead living on that little amount, and she would continue to lose weight? I don’t know but it doesn’t add up- I agree that she is way too skinny, but surely she would be wasting away by now? The only thing I can think of is there is the extra calories in the fruit sugars she is having that is making it 800 calories, as obviously fruit is actually quite bad for you in the quantities she is having it in, and apples, plums, pineapples and apricots are VERY high is fructose, which at the end of the day is just sugar and has the same effect on the body, also she has honey- again just sugar, also lets not forget the chocolate covered almonds- she doesn’t state how many she has of them, and they are high in calories so maybe that would bump it up to 800-900, but yet again, still way way under what she should be having.

      • I don’t know how reliable this is, but according to this site, Tahitian Noni Juice (which is what she pushes) contains 10 calories per 1fl. oz.

  3. She preaches that this is the ideal, healthy way to eat. Riddle me this, if what she preaches was so healthy, why is it that none of the big diet companies, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, The Zone, anyone one of those sorts of diet companies, why aren’t their menus like what she suggests? You don’t see them suggesting rabbit food, or noni juice, or goji berries.

    She went on about how she has low iron and takes a supplement for it, which is fine, but again, she’s taking a supplement for herself, and not for the baby. The baby needs nutrients, not supplements. She mentioned how she was going through fainting/light headed spells because of low iron (while she was in Germany she posted something about it on her FB, and it seems like it was only in Germany that this happened), does that mean she wasn’t taking the supplement before, or was it she was taking her regular dose and just didn’t bother/wasn’t told to increase it? Throughout the pregnancy up to this point, did she even see a doctor? I’m very certain a doctor would have told her to increase her iron especially since she’s has low iron.

    What got me is that, here something is wrong, yet she takes to FB asking for advice, where any other normal and smart pregnant woman would have high tailed their ass to their doctor’s office.

    • So true!!! You mention she suffers from low iron, she should know its because she eats zero meat because her blood type doesnt allow it. Fuck her blood type, can’t she just eat a friggin’ steak for her baby’s sake? If she has to eat rabbit food, eat spinach – rich with iron.

      • She did an entire blog post about it, of course this is after many of her minions told her she could be fainting/light headed from having low iron.

        She said she’s suffered with anemia her entire life, and won’t eat meat unless she FEELS she needs to. If she suffered with it her entire life, then she should have known she’d have to increase her intake once pregnant. There’s the classic saying, “eating for two”, which should be a dead give away that if you suffer with a problem such as low iron, it’s going to take double as much to maintain the levels now that you have someone else relying on you to survive.

      • If she feels she needs to? She suffers from anemia and feels faint – isn’t that feeling you need to? Sheesh!

      • Considering that she felt extremely guilty for have one cheeseburger after having announced that she’s pregnant.

        Actually I do believe that was around the time Orlando was photographed at In & Out (or whatever burger joint he was at), maybe he ate it and told her what it was like?

      • If you feel guilt after eating any kind of food, you have an eating disorder. Im disgusted with her parents/family not stepping in to make sure she looks after herself and her unborn child.

      • She’s said somewhere, I think in an interview that she was raised with eating healthy (along with the damn noni juice), while that could be true, she obviously didn’t stay with how she was raised though.

    • Agreed, she is not eating a healthy balanced diet because she wouldnt be having low iron then would she? I bet it isnt because of the baby, it is because of her shit diet, she isnt getting much iron from her diet, she should be eating red meat or dark green leaves, yet she isnt because she and her skinny body comes first, this only proves all the more to me that this baby was to trap him, after all, if she loved children as much as she claimed then she would have maternal instinct and that baby would come first and she would eat properly. I bet all she is concerned about is showing a concave tummy about a week after giving birth.

      I worry about that unborn childs health.

      • Oddly enough, seeing as her ankles, legs, arms and wrists have remain skinny, which is odd. Her fingers have as well. A friend of mine who gave birth in April, constantly complained during her sixth month that her engagement ring and wedding band couldn’t fit anymore because of the weight gain. She had to put them on a necklace, and it took some time after she gave birth to get them back on.

        Looking at when Miranda arrived at LAX October 16th, her rings are still sliding up and down her fingers, which are extremely thin.

      • It is odd how she is skinny everywhere else, and my sister couldn’t wear her rings in the later stages too as she had swollen, if I didn’t know better I would really think she wasn’t pregnant because all this weirdness would fit then, but if she has done a vogue aus spread then she must be because in my opinion it is one of the reasons she is doing it, to finally show that bump that some didn’t believe was real.

      • Did she ever confirm that she was doing Aus Vogue? I know Mayfran asked her quite a few times on FB, but I don’t recall if there was a confirmation on it.

      • It hasnt been confirmed but she did mention she was on a shoot when on facebook the other week *rolls eyes* lol

      • Could the shoot have been the PSA she did for Fistula though?

      • AH! Good point, maybe it was that after all. Hmm.. we will have to see then.

  4. eating helthy, losing weight, gaingin weight, mainting weight is all common sense, her diet isnt common sense at all. I loked into the blood type diet and it seems a load of crock. all of what she eats reminds me of the cabbage soup diet that i have tried. im surprised her baby is still alive to be honest,poor thing.

  5. When I read her diet I was shocked as it was such a faddy, rabbit food kind of diet, I didnt believe anyone ate like that in real life. A friend of mine who is an MK fan is following her diet and is so excited at the prospect of losing a dress size in time for christmas, she is already a size 4. Im really angry at both MK for allowing young, impressionable women to do the stupid things she does and at my friend for being so dumb to follow it. Great site, keep up the good work, found you via Twitter! Definitely an EX fan here.

    • Glad to have you here. I gotta ask: What made you become an ex-fan?

      • When she got her Facebook, it really showed her for what she was. I always thought she was fun and happy go lucky but her Facebook was just constant boring, serious, self indulgent drivel with the same old kind of affirmations and talk. I dont think she has ever cracked one joke or had any kind of fun on there and now she has a blog, more of the same. I really think she portrayed herself to be this bubbly, sweet, fun, girl next door model but she isnt that way at all and I also really dont like all the nudies she keeps doing.

    • Welcome LV- it is good to have you here 🙂

      I hope you can end up letting your friend know that this isn’t a proven and is most certainly all hogwash, if she doesn’t believe you point her in the direction of some excellent articles written by MEDICAL EXPERTS about why blood group diets are useless and sometimes potentially dangerous to your health, just Google it.

      Miranda Kerr isnt all she seems or pretends to be and on this blog you can see a lot of evidence that proves that, thing is with Miranda is she shoots herself in the foot, time and time again, thanks to her facebook she is showing what she really is, and this baby and the lack of care for it (ie the anemia and the lack of food, ignoring cravings, the potentially dangerous noni juice) PROVES that she doesn’t care for that baby as much as she cares about herself! She proclaims to love children, yet she puts her body’s size before that of her own child’s, if she loved children as much as she claimed then her maternal instinct would have kicked in and she would be eating normally, balanced and healthy.

  6. At her blog is now the B blood typ diet part up. *shakes head behind facepalm*

  7. I really fear for the health of this baby, I really do.
    I can’t stand MK and I don’t care if she starves herself and/or throws unhealthy garbage like masses of noni into her body. But going on like that during pregnancy and boasting/recommending this unhealthy lifestyle on her blog leaves me speechless.
    You’d think she has some maternal feelings by now and feeds her baby – it seems not.
    Using it for her PR even before it is born.
    Poor kid.

    • Seeing her when she was four months (if you can even follow her timeline), she was barely showing, even at five months she was barely showing. A co-worker of mine a couple of weeks ago told us she was four months pregnant and was much bigger than Miranda was even at 4/5/6 months (I’m not sure if you can follow the timeline at this point). She’s at 5 months now and is as big as Miranda is showing herself as now.

      I honestly don’t believe this baby is getting the proper nutrients it needs to survive.

      And what doctor in their right mind would even ALLOW her to keep this diet she’s on anyway. She’s never once mentioned going to any doctor’s appointments except when she was having problems with her iron, and that was only after her fans suggested she should.

      For someone who is constantly posting about her personal life on FB, she’s rather mum about details regarding the baby, ie the heart rate, sonogram, the health, etc. She just keeps going on about the baby moving like crazy.

      • I agree with you both. I am worried for this child. I know Orlando can’t force feed her but isn’t he worried about her not eating properly??

        I think she has had the ideal excuse not to see a doctor all the time because she could easily claim “oh I saw a Doctor in Germany/uk/paris” to her regular Dr in LA, however now she is back in LA I wonder what is going down with that? Surely you MUST see a Dr when you are pregnant- how would she get away with not seeing one? I know it is probably different there to here in the UK but I think here they ring you if you do not make your appointment each month. So weird!

      • From what I’ve read, and what my friends have told me, providing it’s a normal pregnancy you go once a month up until the 7th month, then you go twice a month, around the 9th month you go every week. That’s with a NORMAL pregnancy.

        Someone had mentioned to her about the gestational diabetes, where she responded that she took the test as well. To me it seems like if someone mentions something, she plays off it. It’s never been her mentioning it.

      • Actually, I found the entry on her FB, saying that she has to go back and do SPECIAL tests, but suggests not to worry and “create that it is all good and it will be”. That’s as if she’s saying you take these tests to see if you have gestational diabetes, but you can will the tests to come back negative if you just put your mind to it.

        Honestly, some of the things on her blog sound voodoo-ish.

      • Thanks 🙂

        You are right, it is only when someone mentions it, she responds and talks about it a bit. Like was said all she talks about is the baby moving and her belly getting bigger-nothing else, why doesn’t she even say “baby is healthy we saw on the scan today”, nothing of real information, yet it doesn’t harm saying things like that when she is still discussing the baby anyway.

        It is like she is just making it up as she goes along by what people ask her, the “feeling faint” stuff was probably just for attention, as why ask people on facebook about it ratehr than see a Doctor like you would asap?

      • OMG!!! Why is she so full of shit? You cannot change what will be Miranda- isnt that what she used to say? that things happen for a reason? My god she is just crazy, yeah- dont go to the doctors or take your child there when they re really ill, just will it and think positive thoughts- ARRRGHHH!!

      • I’ve only seen her mention the doctor once, I hate to say it for the child sake, but she may not be going to the doctors.

        I remember she commented once on someone’s child’s photo, apparently they had given birth recently and she was asking all sorts of questions as to what sort of birth that person had, was it painful, etc. Has she been living under a rock? Childbirth is painful, unless you go with the drugs.

      • I think you could be right unfortunately 😦

        She should know childbirth is as hell as everyone says it is, so why even ask such stupid questions? She is probably doing that to make it look like she will give birth naturally, but she will be having a caesarian-I would bet money on that, all booked in ready for a “surprise xmas delivery” no doubt!

      • @Nefratiti- I am pretty sure that most celeb women get C-Sections.

      • I have no doubt that she’ll have a C-section and most likely a tummy tuck as well. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if she “gave birth” in December as a Christmas miracle.

        Maybe she’ll claim she’s having a silent birth, oh wait that scientology, she’s Buddhist, wait no she’s Christian, wait… what religion did she settle on again?

      • @Mystic, you are right. I just wish they would be honest about it.

        @Rik lol I know, “the second coming”. She is a Nichiren Buddhist now. It is funny because I don’t think she has said she is SGI like orlando (or am I wrong?) the REAL Nichiren buddhism is actually a lot better than what SGI stand for and are about even though they claim to be Nichiren, so I wonder if she isnt an SGI member after all. Have to say reading a lot from ex- SGI members leaves me thinking “how the HELL did orlando get mixed up in it?” it has a lot of bad things about it according to ex-members:


        It is apparently hard to leave them as they wont leave you alone and tell you bad things will happen to you if you leave, seeing as thought Orlando is surrounded by all his main friends being SGI and some family members he is going to find it hard to leave if he ever wanted to that is. If Miranda has joined SGI I hope she knows what she has gotten into just to impress orlando.

  8. @Nefratiti- So SGI Buddhism is like Scientology? They will never leave you alone?

    • I have read tons of things that say they go to your place of work and just stare at you to unnerve you, they ring you all the time, send letters, come to your house etc- but as Orlando is one of their biggest members (as I think they pay some of their money to SGI) They will not let him go so easily, to be honest I know all religions have their good and bad, dont get me wrong, but this IS a cult, and I would say a lot I have read has worried me, and the only other worse religion I have read apart from Scientology is SGI unfortunately. The stuff they believe in at SGI has me shaking my head in disbeleif, and it is coming away from what real buddhism is about. They agree with hunting and killing animals, yet buddhism is totally against that for example.

  9. She really is a hazard to young people who take her word as gospel. She knows nothing, that much is obvious. I cannot believe that she is still drinking the Noni juice even though it could harm her baby! I read her latest blog post on the “A” group blood diet, I cringed and worried for all those young teenagers who think looking like her is the most important thing in life so they can bag themselves an Orlando Bloom, she is clearly underweight, and probably still is even though she is pregnant, she advocates a lifestyle that is just not practical for most people, if she wants to eat rabbit food then do it, but don’t tell others to do it too, what works for one, doesn’t work for all, especially this diet that is just a fad. Doesn’t she realize that she is anemic for a reason? She isn’t getting enough Iron in her diet, so therefore her diet is not only lacking, but dangerous for her baby, yet she carries on with the danger.

  10. Doesn’t this sound familiar? lol

    Yet, unfortunately, the Gillian McKeith story — or her version of it — also seems to have attracted a number of question marks over the years. Take John Garrow, the then highly respected Professor Emeritus in Human Nutrition at London University, who, in 2006, labelled her a ‘charlatan.’
    Gillian has made a career for herself by criticising people’s diets but other experts have been ‘appalled’ by her advice

    Controversial: Gillian has made a career for herself by criticising people’s diets but other experts have been ‘appalled’ by her advice

    Or Amanda Wynne, senior dietician of the British Dietetic Association, who said she and her colleagues were ‘appalled’ by Gillian’s advice. ‘It is quite obvious she hasn’t a clue about nutrition,’ she said.

    More pertinently, Gillian also seemed to be rather clueless about the status of her qualifications.

    In 2007, she agreed to stop using the title ‘Dr’ on her products after it emerged that her PhD was not, as she once claimed on her website, from the respected American College of Nutrition, but from a non-accredited correspondence course college.

    None of this, however, is perhaps quite so eyebrow-raising as her latest spat, which unfolded earlier this year. Her nemesis this time came in the form of author and journalist Dr Ben Goldacre.

    Dr Goldacre dislikes McKeith’s curriculum vitae so much that he chose to devote an entire chapter of his book, Bad Science, to a rebuttal of her scientific credibility. McKeith, he argued, was the purveyor of ‘mumbo jumbo’ dressed up as scientific fact.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1330649/Im-A-Celebrity-2010-Gillian-McKeiths-stories-hard-swallow.html#ixzz15aqdIZXl

  11. just soo you know it is never mentioned anywhere that she has COMPLETED her course… just studied it. If you delve into further research she had to stop it because her career took off

    • I know she never completed it – thats my beef. Most things she says regarding such things can be wrong and/or harmful in some way and she gives no warnings etc

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