Having A Blonde Moment?

Miranda goes blonde but her reason is because her eyebrows were lightened for a shoot so she lightened her hair to match *facepalm*

The story:

Miranda did a photoshoot where her eyebrows were lightened. Her eyebrows were dyed back when finished but weren’t as dark as they were so she lightened her hair to match – like you do. The shoot in question was V Magazine.

The proof:

She stated the following on the radio as someone recalls in the comments of JJ: “She was recently photographed for ‘V’ magazine, and they lightened her eyebrows for the shoot. They dyed them back when they were finished, but couldn’t make them as dark as they were before. So she lightened her hair to match.”


A few months after the blonde incident, she was interviewed and was asked why she went so blonde. Her answer? I don’t know“. Erm… didn’t you say it was because of your eyebrows?? Oh and it was your mother who spoke to the press about not liking your hair, not your father.

The verdict:

Either a lie or a complete “blonde moment”. Eyebrow dye can and does make your eyebrows dark, I use it myself (off the shelf dye) and know it comes in brown, dark brown and black (maybe other colors too), if you go to a salon, you can get your eyebrows dyed to any shade you want. No reason on this earth her eyebrows would not return to her normal color. If she had a reason to lighten her hair then she had a reason and you can’t just forget that reason unless the reason you stated wasn’t the real reason after all. I think I’m going to opt for a lie but I’m quite freaked out how she lies over something so simple as dying her hair. Plenty of women dye their hair season to season or to see what they would look like a certain color. Wow, she really does lie all.the.time!

For the record:

Both versions came form her own mouth. To match her eyebrows was on radio and “I don’t know” was a telephone interview.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 3, 2010.

7 Responses to “Having A Blonde Moment?”

  1. Jeez she can’t admit to dyeing her hair for whatever reason. I have dyed my hair but maybe only 2 or 3 times. I don’t want to damage my hair so I actually never blow dry it or iron it except for special occasions which are rare.

  2. If she wanted them to match, but didn’t want to use dye, has the girl ever heard of an eyebrow pencil?

    If she went blonde via professionalist, then they did a very poor job at the bleaching seeing as her ends were very dry looking and straw-like. Very damaged.

  3. Yet again her stories don’t add up!! Why not over something so bloody simple too?
    It is always things like this that makes me see she is a total habitual liar and does it all the time, she can’t seem to help herself- any normal person would say “oh I fancied a change, but felt better as a brunette” not all these ridiculous stories which make her look like an imbecile!

    Maybe it is because the real reason she went Blonde was for Orlando to fancy her more, after all, a lot of the “haters” used to say he preferred them to her, maybe she thought “stuff it I’m going Blonde”, then after it maybe made no difference to him and she got a lot of “urgh she looks ugly with Blonde hair” (that is an actual quote from one of her fans!) she decided to go back to brunette, of course I am speculating but it is odd.

    • That’s what I thought, that she went blonde because he was loosing interest in her or something.

      As for her being blonde, the blonde she used clashed with her skin tone and even worse when she wore bright red lipstick. A professionalist would have dyed her hair a proper hair colour that would compliment her skintone. I’ve been trying to figure out what skintone she has, I’m not sure if she’s warm or cool, as she uses self tanners even though she has said she does not use self tanners because of the chemicals, but again another lie, looking at any behind the scenes VS fashion show, she always mentions going to the tanning booth.

      • I think looking at her natural skin tone, she is cool as she is rather pale in reality, therefore she should have had an ashy blonde to suit her skin tone, my skin tone is cool and I only suit ashy blondes as I have been every colour going lol She looked a state with that bright red lipstick, I would LOVE to have known what orlando thought of it all lol

        Yes lying about tanning, she is almost always tanned so therefore is definitely lying about “avoiding them when possible”, she should embrace her paler skin because most naturally pale people look better with their own skin tones.

      • She is pale, but according to her she isn’t. There’s an interview floating around, I remember reading it where she said when trying to get a modeling job in Japan, agencies would turn her down because her complexion was too dark for their taste. I never heard of such a thing.

  4. I am just totally speechless at the lies that pour out of her mouth, and such silly ones too. What an insane thing to lie over! Her natural hair color is nearly dark brown yet she lightens it to the lighter brown she has it recently, so what is the problem to say “Yes, I colored it Blonde as I fancied a change.” In her line of work it certainly isn’t unheard of for the model to color their hair all the time, look at the great Linda Evangelista, she was a different color every month! My Grandmother used to say “Beginning with small lies, end at huge ones ” she certainly wasn’t kidding in Miranda’s case, does she actually know what is the truth anymore?

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