Place Your Bets

Just a bit of fun, but thought I’d start a poll so we can all wager a guess what sex this “genetically perfect” baby will be. Discuss anything else you want -potential names, looks, birth details etc


Disclaimer for the thick: This is just a bit of fun. No one is making any claims, it’s all speculation and opinion. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 2, 2010.

28 Responses to “Place Your Bets”

  1. I’m going with boy. No idea why. Personally I think that the baby could end up not being good looking.

  2. I love how they go on and on about how this baby will be absolutely beautiful because of the genetically blessed couple. I guess they’ve never heard of throw backs with kids being born ;x As one of my friends saying goes “just because a couple is good looking doesn’t mean their child will be.”

    People seem to be going by how high she’s carrying, that it just must be a mini-cabbage patch doll I mean Miranda.

    Of course Miranda once said that twins would be a lovely idea (somewhere within her comments of FB), as twins run in her family.

    • I agree. Not saying the baby won’t be good looking, but I wouldn’t be so sure. I have a cousin who is really a beautiful man but his parents are not at all.

      • All babies are cute in their own way, but it also depends on what side the baby takes after. I think they’re jumping the gun by automatically assuming the baby will be genetically blessed.

    • I don’t think the child will necessarily good looking either- their features mixed together makes me think “noooo” lol Also look at her mother and father and then look at Miranda and Matty- seems Therese’s genes are the stronger out of that mixing- if that is the case and Miranda’s looks are stronger than Orlando’s, well it is going to be one “interesting” looking thing lol Of course looks dont matter- but to say it will be “genetically blessed” is a matter of opinion,especially when you look at Miranda- I don’t find her pretty or genetically blessed in the slightest! if we look at Orlando’s mother and father, well sonia isn’t really attractive at all, and looking as family photos seems like she never was, but colin seems like he probably was when he was younger, so who knows?

  3. I chose girl, only because that is what I am mostly drawn to thinking it is, tbh the kid if fucked no matter what sex it is having those two as parents, she will ruin its life and he is too ball-less to stop it happening. I really wish she had been lying that she was pregnant because that child is the only one I feel really, truly sorry for 😦 poor thing has no chance it will be fucked up in one way or another.

  4. I chose boy, don’t know why. I guess out of either, a boy is something I’d hope they’d have because if a little girl turned out like her I’d be disgusted. A boy like him isn’t much better I know lol I agree that 2 good looking people don’t always make a good looking baby and vice versa. Looks is all that matters in this shallow world *shakes head*.

  5. I chose “Don’t care” because I don’t think the gender matters much in this day and age. I will guess though that Orlando would love a son to rough and tumble with and get interested in motorbikes and give his Legolas and Will Turner figurines to play with and of course I bet miranda would love a daughter so she can dress her up and be like Mommy and maybe get her into acting/modeling/celebrity.
    While I love Orlando dearly I don’t think he is mature enough to be a Father yet and I think the same about her too. It isn’t a game like they seem to think by pimping it out.

    • I agree to a degree with your last point but then again it could be surprising. I mean my mom wasn’t exactly 100% mature when she got pregnant with me at 27 but when I was born its like she did a 180. I am sure many people thought bad when Nicole Ritchie became pregnant but she seems to be doing good.

      But you may never know.

      • I have to agree with you but I think the thing is with Richie is that she turned her life around and got herself sorted. I think Miranda thinks theres nothing wrong with her or her life/lifestyle. Richie fell in love and everything else seemed to fall into place, Miranda – no chance she is going to do a 180.

    • She’s already pimping the baby out before it’s even born. While the PSA was for a very good cause, I saw no reason for her to be show casing her bump that she’s been hiding as she did.

  6. I predict a girl will be born around christmas or new year period. I think we will hear of a natural birth as we all know miranda doesnt like chemicals so no pain killers for you no-no! They wil both wet the babys head with noni juice. Frankie is a ball of light so the baby will be a ball of fire! It will be able to cure cancer at 6, rid the world of poverty at 13, cure aids at 19. ok the last bit was mocking but i wouldnt put it past anythign.

    • oh, i als predict a weird name. like sumara (ok i made that up). lol

      • LOL!! You just know that she will say she didn’t need any pain relief because she chanted the pain away, yet in reality she will have had a caesarian and a tummy tuck.

        I think the name will be Buddhist based in some way, but I don’t think it will have a regular name. Maybe they will name it after his Master Daisaku Ikeda, like good little disciples!

      • I’m on my cell so I apologize for any mistakes.

        What about for a boy, Ducati and for a girl Prada. ;x

      • LOL good ones! And the names mean so much to them! 😉

      • haha maybe for a girl noni and a boy affirmation. her two favorite words,

      • LMAO@ Affirmation!!!! LMAO LMAO!

      • Don’t forget goji, she likes that too. Maybe they can name the boy Chant. There’s also Yoga too.

      • LMAO!! Yoga Bloom, that has a ring to it, hopefully they would misspell it and call him Yogi Bloom, if they have another they can call it BooBoo Bloom 😉

      • LMAO Yogi Bloom.

      • PMSL I love you guys!

  7. I found this interesting. “It’s a big JOB getting ready for THIS beautiful baby.”

    I’ve never heard a woman refer to getting ready for a soon-to-be born baby as a job before. And now she’s saying “this” baby where as before it was mostly “our” baby.

    Maybe it’s because her eyes were going a little funny ;x

    • Erm, ‘A big JOB’? She has enough money to pay a lot of people for whatever.
      And ‘This baby’? Not ‘my or our baby’? Makes you think if it’s her baby at all.

      • Right now I can’t go through everything to check, but I don’t think she’s really referred to the baby as baby before, it’s always either been bub, little one and I think something else, maybe little bundle, I don’t know.

        Only time I’ve heard a woman refer to having a child/have had a child as a job is when they regretted having one/more, or they have no maternal instinct/no connection to the baby.

      • “… or they have no maternal instinct/no connection to the baby.”

        The way how MK feeds her baby one-sided, or rather starves it, already pointed to the assumption that she has no connection/maternal instincts. Pimping her pregnancy and referring to it as a “job” is just another sign of lacking in that department.

    • A job huh? Isn’t it a JOY to be doing all that before the baby? Something really exciting? A job makes it sound like she find it a chore, ,maybe she hit the “B” instead of the “Y” 😉 lol
      “This” baby, hmm.. kind of distancing herself there maybe?

      • Haha, can’t imagine how. ‘Y’ and ‘B’ have a whole other line of letters between them.

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