While The Cat’s Away!

Do the names Jared Followill and Lukas Haas ring any bells? Well, I’m sure they’ve rang Miranda’s bell quite a few times.

September 2009 was quite a busy month for sweet, innocent Miranda. She was spotted getting a little too cosy with Kings of Leon bassist, Jared Followill. Pictures surfaced with her putting her foot on him and on his shoulder – flashing god knows what, leaving their NY hotel, and, more interestingly, a picture of Jared with, what looks like his hand on her booty and her hand on his neck – very intimate. Funnily, this blind item fits Miranda and Jared to the letter, apart from the fact that it says she’s a supermodel (scroll down to “Wicked Whispers”). Strangely enough, Jared’s engagement to Alisa Torres ended in late 2009… wonder why.

Also in September ’09 was the rumor of Miranda and actor Lukas Haas. This is such an obvious pairing – not. According to the NY Post, Miranda’s rep wouldn’t return their calls regarding the rumor… hmmm, why not deny it if it wasn’t true? Jared was also involved in this rumor too. Apparently, according to the same NY Post article above, Miranda and Lukas were together the whole night dancing while Jared kept staring at them. Fat, jealous hater much Jared? X17 ran with the same story of the inseparable couple.

Rumor has it that Miranda and Orlando had split during this time so Jared and Lukas were either rebound shags, used to make Orlando jealous or, if they were still a couple, her “other men”. I don’t believe for one second either of these men were “just friends”. The body language between Miranda and Jared speak volumes. Her hand on his neck is a very intimate gesture, his hand on her behind, well, the speaks for itself. These two men coupled with the twice she was with Greasy Bear just makes Miranda out to be a very loose woman.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 1, 2010.

33 Responses to “While The Cat’s Away!”

  1. To me I have no doubts she has slept with Jared Followill, they look MUCH more than friends. The fact that his fiancee Alisa called off the engagement not long after this tells me all I need to know. There are too many instances of her doing this with men for it all to be innocent, she uses and manipulates men and always has done, if this is what she gets up to behind orlando’s back who’s to know if he really is the father of the kid or not? We see how easily she does this. Why was she leaving a NY hotel with Jared (she was pictured doing so) she lives in NY so why would she be in a hotel in NY? Orlando is an idiot for ever taking her back after this (and after the Brandon Davis stuff too) how immature do you have to be to be going with other men to maybe “get back at him” and then get back together? Of course as i have said before, they may have had an open relationship and Orlando knew and of course, wouldnt care, but didnt Orlando mind looking like a fool? Not long previous he was giving the “heart in hands” crap, then 4/5 months after this, he goes to “just hanging out”.. makes you wonder what the hell was going on, I have no doubt that her getting pregnant was a strategy plan on her part to make sure he never got shut of her. Also her rep not saying anything on this is fishy, why wouldn’t they be jumping over themselves to deny it like the Brandon rumours?? Maybe they were waiting to see what was going to happen next between her and Orlando before they decided.

    The fact that she said her and Orlando are friends with KOL doesnt prove a thing either, she could have easily had something with Jared and even denied it to Orlando, he could’nt exactly prove it could he? Or he knew she wasnt exclusive to him so didnt care less, maybe they compared notes? Either way, whatever reason it all stinks to high heaven .

    Two idiots and immature fools like them should not be having a child, going by all this, they seem the type to use the child in their “getting one over” on each other times.

    • Speaking of the child, perhaps it’s just me, but I’ve always seen any other soon-to-be Father (celeb and not) constantly putting their hand on their girlfriend/fiancee/wife/mistress’s belly. I’ve never seen Orlando do this once. The only time I’ve seen his hand(s) even near Miranda’s “mystery” belly is when she was pulling his arm in front of her while he looked to be reaching for the car door, not to mention his body language of pulling his head back away from her while she’s doing this speaks volumes. He acts more like a body guard than a husband/father to be.

      • The only thing I’ve seen similar to this is when he was cuddling Miranda from behind but I don’t think that counts as a conscious “hand on belly” pose.

      • Don’t spread ideas…surely we’ll see him touching her belly in the next pics!

      • Just like the speculated baby shower she may have had with the basic gifts? ;x

    • “they seem the type to use the child in their “getting one over” on each other times”
      You mean ala Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen?

  2. That blind item certainly does point in her direction. Funny how in August ’09 she and Orlando went to a Kings of Leon concert then a month later she’s playing footsies with Jared (I think that was the MTV music awards that Jared took her to, I may be wrong though).

    She then reunited with Orlando at the end of September for Paris fashion week, only being truly photographed once together, unless you count them getting into separate cars after coming out of the cafe.

  3. I still think that this whole MK/OB relationship is a bearding. The fact that they don’t seem to live in the same house is telling. I mean even if they are faking it they would at least own a place together or something so people can believe. I actually don’t get the whole vibe that O is not a one person kind of guy. There are other details but rather not get into it. I know that people seem to love to attack me for my observations. I don’t have time for that drama with the kind of drama I have in real life.

    Oh and I don’t believe the Lukas Haas one. It has been highly speculated that Lukas is either gay/bi and has/had a secret relationship with Leo DiCaprio (who is bisexual) for years.

    • I do believe MK is a beard, especially with that blind item that came out, what around the time the engagement was announced and/or they were married. The harland one that’s been around for a while. Everything that appeared in that one, certainly screamed OB/MK.

      *Slowly inches away from the blind items*

      • My problem with that Harland BV is that it said he is Bi and all I ever heard from friends in the business is that O is GAY. Also there was thought that Orlando was Pete Poked (another BV) cause that one mentions a break up of a bearding and Orlando and Kate called it quits like 2 weeks before; there were other hints of it pointing to O. What I don’t understand is why need a beard with you prefer both sexes. The one with the woman can be real.

      • I do think it is possible that he is bisexual- that is possible for anyone. I find it hard to say someone is “this way” because only they themselves know what they are at the end of it all. Of course Ted C’s BI was about Orlando as Harland, no doubts there whatsoever, but it is hard to know how much or what Ted really knows to be 100% fact, and because he is in the business of gossip it is impossible to base fact on gossip. All I know as fact is he has slept with women (ie the 2 kiss and tells that came out) I dont know anything else about who he sleeps with.

        I think that he has slept with Miranda over the years and that she has tricked him into getting her pregnant, Ted is kind of saying that they both planned the pregnancy to hide his “man on man desires”, but I dont buy that, everything that has played out screams of the baby being a big surprise/shock, if this was planned they would have gotten married first then down the line had the baby, people seem to think orlando has this “good guy” image, so therefore that is how he would have done it IMO to be the “family man”- same with Miranda, she also tries the “good girl with family values” shit too, so no way would they have planned it like that- just my two cents, but I would never put money on Ted C being right most the time, with him I would say he has got more wrong -only recently he swore blind that Shia Le Beouf and Carey Mulligan hadn’t split when the news saying they had came out, when it became obvious they had he backtracked to save face by saying something akin to “they were together last I heard”, yet previously he has replied more or less that they definitely hadn’t split!

    • I don’t think Miranda is a beard but whatever anyone wants to think is cool as long as they don’t state it as fact. I think in Hollywood in general, most actors are speculated as being gay to some degree and speculation, as we all know, doesn’t make it fact.

      Ted C has been proven to be full of shit sometimes so I take most of what he says, good and bad, with a huge grain of salt. Everyone can think what they like, I don’t have a go if someone thinks differently to me, it’s when it turns into factuals with no evidence that bothers me 🙂

      • I underatand and that is okay. But remember that Hollywood may be liberal but when it comes to a person’s, a male specifically, sexuality they are conservative. Back in the Golden Era of Hollywood some of the men who everyone thought was super manly/straight ended up being bi/gay, ie. Rock Hudson, Cary Grant. Orlando has Robin Baum has a PR person. She was partner with Pat Kingsley who is nickname Pitbull in the industry. PR people will do anything to make sure that their clients stay more or less the image that fans want.

        I suggest reading books on Hollywood to see how it all really go down.

    • My sources in the industry have told me that Orlando is straight and these are people who worked with him on Troy and went out drinking with him etc They have caught up with him only as recent as a year or so ago. If he is Gay then why on earth is he sleeping with women? He had a sexual relationship with Kate so I have been told, and obviously Miranda. I LOVE two men together, so don’t get me wrong I would love him to have been fucking Eric Bana etc But I trust my sources as these guys got on incredibly well with each other. I don’t expect anyone to believe me nor do I care, but there it is anyhow 🙂

      I don’ t see why it matters either really, his sexual orientation hasn’t to do with anything really, he is going to have a baby- one that was obviously a huge shock to him, he was shagging her to have made the baby. Orlando is a very obvious man, he likes model types and it has been his “ambition” to have one as a girlfriend, did he want her up the duff with his child? I doubt it very much, and his up and down moods prove that. Orlando’s penis has gotten him into trouble, but that’s his life and his mistake. He really isn’t going to say that child is his when it isn’t, he really hasn’t planned this as they have done a shotgun wedding and Yes, I do believe they are married- in the legal sense of the word anyway.

      • Your sources??? Sorry but I don’t believe you 😉

        I do agree that he has slept with women, and that is as much as we do know. Again I’m with Kerrazy on this one, this blog isn’t to discuss and debate his sexuality, again this blog is about proving she/they lie and odd things, we like things that can be backed up, there are a myriad of sites/forums/LJ’s where that kind of discussion is cool but this isn’t the place for it to the degree of having huge debates and fallings out over if he likes to stick his british pork into a man’s starfish! 😉

  4. @Mystic. I know all about yesteryear Hollywood and actors from 50 years ago don’t shape actors of today. A PR is needed for a celebrities public image, that can be a very broad spectrum (sexuality, drugs, womanizing etc), PR people aren’t alwasy needed to hide someone’s sexuality and not everyone is gay or bi.

    Thanks for the suggestion but I don’t need to read up, I’m a big fan of those days.

    • I just want to know why Orlando being gay is not in the realm of possiblity. I know people will use the whole ‘he was seen with busty blondes’ or whatever. So what? There are a lot of guys who aren’t that ready to come out who do things like that. I think something like that was on MTV a couple years ago.

      But what irks me is that I can show comments pointing to it but it will be turned down but a comment about him with a woman or comments about MK and whatever are believeable. Even when I say I know people close to Orlando and even his real partner no one believes me.

      • I guess it’s the same why I would like to know why orlando being straight isn’t in the realms of possibility either. I guess it all comes down to what you believe, who you believe, what you want, who you trust etc

        If you can show your evidence then fair enough, I will listen and see what you have to say, until then I can only go with what I think and believe. More evidence points to Orlando being straight in my opinion, if he is gay in yours then thats cool. I like to deal with facts, until I have none to suggest he is anything other than straight then I can’t and won’t believe “words”.

        If Orlando is indeed gay (yes I am respectfully humoring you) and isn’t ready to come out, then you aren’t doing him any favors by constantly outing him. If he has a partner and his partner is fine with him having a beard then I don’t see why you or anyone else should get involved with telling the world Orlando’s true sexuality.

        Case closed for me. As much as I love a good debate, I don’t really want threads to turn into “Orlando is gay” threads.

  5. I also wonder why she never ended up getting with Jared, especially when he had split with Alisa not long after that, I thought Jared would defo be up her street more than Orlando, as she seems to like men with a bit of a wild side, where Orlando seems pretty boring really on the whole.

    • She may have kicked herself as KoL became quite big and the rock star and the model goes quite well together. If Ted C is to believed, he said Orlando was too boring for Miranda and we all know she likes to party hard.

      • I think Orlando has definitely mellowed, but I don’t believe he used to be boring, but he seems to have lost that “try anything for kicks” spark and now the most he does is motorbiking, I reckon Miranda is a very boring person as she talks a pile of crap that is the most boring subjects, I don’t know how he can stand being around her because while he isn’t the brightest bulb, he does seem to like a laugh and well, she probably isn’t very humourous and doesn’t get most jokes, there is no way she would get Monty Python like she says she does, because I imagine surreal humour isn’t her forte and would go straight over her head, she epitomises the “blonde” who appears in all the “Blonde” jokes lol

  6. She was definitely fucking him! The way she is around him is a huge clue alone! I don’t know what to believe why it went down the way it did, whether it was because it was a showmance and he didn’t care, but on the other hand he has claimed the baby as his, so they had to be fucking. I don’t understand why he would stay with her after it though, because it makes him look like he is being cheated on by her, I will never understand him. T’is a tangled web we weave!

  7. You know what? Nevermind. Shouldn’t have brought this up because I knew what would happen. I am totally for having your own opinion but it seems mine will just be forgotten or thrown away.

    Carry on.

    • This is part of the reason I didn’t want it brought up because you have a hissy fit when no one believes you. I have offered for you to show your proof, if you can’t/won’t then I’m sorry but I won’t believe rumors that have no proof to them. I back myself up when I can and I like others to do them same, especially when they are going to not like it when others disagree with them. I can’t be more respectful than saying for everyone to think what they like but when a whole post turns into a gay or straight specualtion when the original post had nothing to do with it kind of angers me. You seem to get angry when others think he is straight and try to change their opinion even though you never produce anything that will. Until you show this evidence you have then you can’t blame people when they don’t listen. If you believe so passionately that he is gay then fine, create your own blog and speculate about it there, this blog is not for sexuality specualtion, especially when you don’t answer a lot of what people ask you or present to you. I should have pulled you up when you said mayfrayn was on the “crazy list”, you said it as fact and I didn’t like it but I let it go when I shouldn’t have. Another FACT and I can’t for the life of me imagine how you have seen this list but whatever. If you choose to take what I’ve said the wrong way then that is up to you but all I’ve asked is for “OB is gay” to be kept to a minimum, if you are unable to do that then that says more about you than me. If you think I’m being unreasonable then again, it says more about you than me. Your comments don’t get ignored but it’s not anything all of us haven’t heard a million times before, we would like something to back it up, I don’t see why that is so much to ask for.

      • Well it seems there will be no evidence since his PR makes sure that no one in the public knows about it. I do not throw any hissy fit. Trust me that if I had any evidence I would post it but it seems that even then people wouldn’t really believe it.

        Lets just drop this.

    • There is no proof? But you believe it? Sorry but not everyone will believe without proof but I know some do. I would believe if there was evidence, how could I not, you can’t argue with fact.


  8. thanks so much for doing this as makes mk out to be what she is – an oportunist tramp. I think she does like to manipulate men, she likes to be sexually desired by men but im sure what the men encounter when they actually meet her is something else entirely. she is boring, dull, no sense of humor and i laughted when I read she liked Monty Python – ha, as if, I really dont think she would get it.

    Thanks fuck the gay shit ended when it did. whether its true or not its not something i want to endlesly debate about as its so boring and pointless and its all been said to death 🙂

    • I think one of the biggest, dead giveaways that she loves to be desired by men is when she was on Rove and told the host that she had a vivid (I do believes that was the word she used) dream about him. She not only flustered him, but his co-host and two other men sitting further away from them.

  9. You know, at the time this all went down, I thought they had split up, when they got together a few weeks after I was confused. I didn’t understand how Orlando would be fine about her doing that with another guy, I then came to the conclusion that they were probably fuck-buddies more than anything, I think however it was a rather humiliating thing she did to him, so I don’t know why he decided to still be with her, a woman in love with a man does not act like she did with Jared, but on the other hand a man in love with his woman doesn’t choose a sex club over being with her and supporting her either! It kind of killed the “love” that I had believed at one point.
    I think she is a master manipulator and has kept him “coming back for more” in some way, whether she does something that nobody else does for him in bed- I don’t know, but the more I am learning about her, I don’t see what else she has to offer that has kept him till before this pregnancy. I wish I hadnt been so blinkered back then, I cannot deny I feel rather foolish falling for her “sweet, nice girl” image, and buying into them being in love at one brief point- how embarrasing 😮

    • I agree. But he did the same to her few months before when he stayed in the UK an entire month, clubbing and partying and she wa sin NYC. (just see pics of the mommy rock event in London).

      • Of course! I had forgotten about that! When you look back at it all without blinkers you can see that if these two had ever been in love they would not have been apart for that long acting like they have done, and this is a perfect example, and if they weren’t in love a year ago, they won’t be in love by now! Why can’t some of my friends who support them and think it is true love not see the obvious truth in front of them? True, I was like that once but at least I can see it all now for what it is!

      • Also they were apart for nearly a month when he came to the UK in June/july and when you think he KNEW about the baby then AND we was engaged! yet here he was spending weeks away from her while he acted like a single man in his home country, and she will have been in her “critical” stages there for losing the child, and what does he do? Go home to the UK and go to lots of events enjoying himself. Weird or what eh?

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