“Miranda’s House”

EDIT: After a bit of snooping, this Twitter could be fake but will leave the thread open for further discussion if required. I’m really freaked out how far some people can go to pretend to be people.

As some of you may know, a friend of Miranda, Lindsay Ellingson, recently tweeted about buying Miranda baby gifts. If you click here, you can see the toys Miranda received, but notice on the left “Miranda’s House”? Click on it. What you should see it this, a little map of where “Miranda’s house” is. Keep on zooming in until you can see the street it’s on… I get North Rexford Drive, Bev Hills. This is 5.5 miles away from Orlando’s known home.

Lindsay called this “Miranda’s house”, not “Miranda and Orlando’s house”…. why not? Lindsay entered her location on her Blackbury herself so this can’t be a mistake. I think we can all make up our own minds here.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on October 31, 2010.

65 Responses to ““Miranda’s House””

  1. I noticed that as well and did the whole map thing. I can’t tell what it is, but imo it looks like some sort of resort or hotel, or maybe even an apartment complex.

    I wonder if the toys are eco-friendly. They’re awfully basic.

    I’m still amusing myself over how one can go from looking 4 months pregnant and carrying low to looking 7 months pregnant and carrying high all within a week ;x Just saying.

    • I found apartments also but regardless what it is it is known as Miranda’s house so its somewhere she is obviously living. I think the toys look cheap and definitely basic, I guess her friends think highly of her to give her such tat.

      Maybe she had a double helping of sunflower seeds and has put on too much weight HA!

      • When I did the satellite view of it, the place that she has marked as Miranda’s House is the City Hall of Bev. Hills, if you can go by aerial view, from the looks of it at least, I think it’s the Police Department, unless she lives across the street.

  2. If you zoom in even closer it has the location as BEHIND N Rexford drive, so that must mean there is some kind of apartment block there maybe? I thought it was the police station too at first but if you look again her location is before you get to the corner, where the police station is, but also behind N rexford Drive.

    It is funny because I’m sure someone said ages ago that they wouldn’t be surprised if she was living in an apartment on her own lol It would certainly make sense why she is on Facebook all the time, because she is bored and lonely. Seriously, if this is the case and she is living on her own (which it certainly looks like) then how sad a life is that?? She must be renting this place because if she bought it I am sure we would know by now.

    • I think I see what you mean.

      Not to mention, last we knew, Orlando’s home was in Los Angeles, Hollywood Hills; her home is showing it’s location as Beverly Hills, unless he sold his Hollywood Hills home. I remember there was some sort of report, I forget where I read it that they were house hunting recently, dropping down onto the ground and chanting to see if the homes they were looking at had the right aura ;x

      • LOL Precisely! Crazy rumours!! It is public knowledge when everyone buys/sells a house in USA, even celebrities, if they had bought a house together, we would know by now. Yet if she is renting it won’t show on any public record!

        I did some digging and have found that her address is still listed as NY and funnily enough Matty is classed as living with her:


        She is on every people finder out there as living in NY and I would think that those things would be updated very regularly because people pay for the information.

      • Now, that is very interesting. Especially since her brother is listed as part of the household, yet has he ever been in the states? I’ve only seen him in Australia.

      • Matty did go over to NY around 2 years ago as he was after living there and I presume he moved in with Miranda, but it failed because he couldn’t get his visa(as he told his friends on facebook when I had a friend on his friends), as they refused him, but what is confusing me is WHY he is still listed as living with her when these kind of things would be updated?

        Oh and I also just checked, Orlando’s house HASNT been sold since he bought it (he bought it in 2007 and put on all official records 2008) So I doubt he would buy another house just a few miles away in santa monica when he is ideally situated for where he hangs out.


        If you scroll down to 2645, you will see his legal trustees are named Owner: RICHARD KIT STONE FELDSTEIN TR TRUST -which are the trustees he used.

      • I wonder why he failed to get his visa then, but I’ve also been wondering if she has a visa or has she gone to the embassy to become a citizen. I can’t remember where, but I know I once read that a photographer (a male) bought her that apartment when she first came to NY, if it’s the same apartment that is.

        I give you a HUGE amount of props for finding that info on his house, I wouldn’t even know where to start.

      • Thanks 🙂

        I don’t know why he was refused and I don’t know if she is an american citizen or not either :/

        I didn’t know that about the photographer buying her the house,I had never heard it- I wonder if it was the guy who she was apparently engaged to for a short while, and the man who photographed Orlando in that italian GQ a few weeks back- Alexei Hay. If so it proves yet again that she has needed men for everything, she has said she herself bought it, so I don’t know what to believe, and I also heard that Adrian Camilleri was the one who got her to NY and sorted out all she needed, so don’t know, but if so- WOW!

  3. Also, isnt this address very close to the location that the “sonia” IP location shown?

  4. Hahahaha this is too good. The mystery keeps on unraveling.

  5. This is brilliant! Those toys are rank!!! pmsl!!! To be honest i can imagine things to have blew up in her face since the pregnancy, maybe Orlando has married her so he can get more rights to his child, and since then has told her he wants nothing to do with her apart from the pathetic pap set up’s and his access to the child. That is some pretty damning evidence isnt it? You can’t even say that she has her own little place to chillax in, because there would be no reason for that when orlando lives in LA already. I reckon she never thought that this info would come out and people would think she was living with Orlando like a normal married couple, I mean ordinarily it wouldn’t have right? I am sure this will be fixed though.

  6. Perhaps my browser is messing up which is possible, but why is it Lindsay only has one event marked and that just happens to be Miranda’s house? Nothing against Lindsay at all, just found that odd as she’s been to other events without them being pinned.

    Oddly enough, Lindsay also mentions on her twitter that she was having dinner with Miranda, not having dinner with Miranda and Orlando.

    • Wow, good catch! Don’t understand why she would mark Miranda’s house and no other event, maybe she was trying to prove something in some way?

      I know this may be giving her ideas but maybe Orlando isn’t in LA? Maybe she will say when he isn’t in town she uses this smaller apartment as his house is too big for just her :/ I don’t know but well spotted!

      Can you send me the link of the Twitter/ I can’t seem to find it. Thanks x

      • It’s quite possible that he isn’t in LA, as she’s gone quite some time (I think her longest) without posting updates on her FB ;x Not to mention he flew out of Heathrow, but was never photographed coming into LAX as when he was said to be back last week.

        It took me three goes to find her twitter, I knew she had one but couldn’t remember what it was, http://twitter.com/#!/OfficialLindsE

  7. Thanks Rik, I found Twitters that said they were hers but yes, that looks real to me. Very interesting.

    Strange Miranda has been so quiet on her Facebook, seeing as Treasure Yourself comes out tomorrow, thought she would be babbling on about that lol

    • I guess it’d be hard to promote your book on your FB when you’ve shut it down on the same day the book is released.

      • True but there’s been no reason for her not to keep on publicising it until the release date, she’s not been on for around 5 days. 5 days worth of “my belly is growing every day”… missed!

      • I swear for someone who constantly goes on about how big she’s getting, she hides it well, and majority of the time it’s hardly visible, save for a PSA which I’m sure she got paid for, especially show casing the bump. But again, I don’t believe you can go from looking four months and carrying low, then looking like there’s nothing (eurostar photos), to looking seven months and carrying very high. I know a baby moves (and if you can go by her timeline it began moving at 19 weeks which from what I understand isn’t likely for someone carrying their first baby, unless it isn’t a first *shifty eyes*) but I’m certain a baby low position to a very high position.

  8. With all those cheap toys in masses, I’m a bit wondering if this isn’t made up.
    Maybe not necessarily the location but the baby shower party, or at least the picture with the toys?
    Or the whole stuff is either made up by a MK stalker, or this twitter and pictures work as a distraction so nobody knows where she is staying for real.
    All in all – very dubious.

    I can imagine though that Orlando is not staying in the LA area or anywhere in the US. We only have her (FB) word that he’s with her – and we know how reliable her word is.

    • I agree it is very odd and my first thought was that the twitter may not be real because the toys and baby seats could be anybodies and they looked “not new” if you get me?

      She has tweeted another photo that someone else has bought miranda, (i think) and looking at the colours, if this is all legit then it looks like its a boy : http://plixi.com/p/54386609

      • Did you catch this photo? http://plixi.com/p/54393731 The caption is similar to Lindsay’s “In Beverly Hills with Miranda! ”

        Lindsay makes it a point to mark the event “Miranda’s House” and Ana makes it a point to capture a sign saying she’s with Miranda.

      • IF this is indeed for Miranda’s baby – which I’m beginning to doubt – then yes, must be a boy.
        Which would be definitely better compared to a girl she certainly will mini-me.

        But this looks more and more like a set up.

      • I didnt catch it but thanks, I think this twitter is fake, people are pretending to be these models and have obviously drove to Beverly Hills to get that location, maybe they thought thats where she and Orlando lived? Also I just found out that Adriana Lima doesnt have a Twitter, only a facebook, and I checked that on her official website- and as you can see this linday is tweeting adriana. Also victorias secret dont have anything on twitter only facebook too, so the officailVS is probably all by the same people. As you can see Kerrazy has edited this post saying she thinks it may be fake, I second that with all this new info. Got to say they had a lot of people believing it, including Mayfrayn.

        I think it is fair enough to admit what some of us thought is wrong, I gladly hold my hand up to that as honesty is what I believe in I , I still am not 100% sure she is living with Orlando though still, but of course I could be wrong, and that is fair enough, like Blitz has said, we don’t even know if Orlando is with her, and I second that too. I guess if its his baby though there is no reason why she shouldn’t be staying with him, as I am sure he has the best interests in the child.

      • Also, checking Lindsay’s website that she links, there’s porn advertisements on there. I think what may make it iffy on is it or isn’t it is the personal photos. If it’s a poser, then obviously they’re getting the photos from somewhere. The Plixi sites could be from the real people though.

      • I always thought green was given as a gender neutral sort of thing, so I wouldn’t say that’s a definite on the gender of the baby.

    • Which would be definitely better compared to a girl she certainly will mini-me.

      So true!!

      • While she would in no doubt have a mini-me with a girl. I don’t think them having a boy would be that much better, he would be a sexist, shallow douchebag.

        I have guessed a lot of celebrity baby sexes right before going by their bumps- I know it isn’t accurate, but i guess by the bump looking like it does now, I will say its a girl.

      • @Nefratiti

        Have no idea…that bump seems to change a lot…lately it was lower and not so big, now it is huge and carried high…we’ll see I guess!

      • Carrying low then high doesn’t make much sense. I’ve seen several people comment when she was first photographed with a low bump that they were surprised that the baby dropped. Apparently a baby drops/engages somewhere within the third trimester (the baby bump does end up moving lower with the head being closer to the pelvis, which a reason why some women have difficulty walking at this stage and/or have to go to the bathroom more often). I don’t believe it can go in reverse, I haven’t come across it at least.

        Another thing that caught my attention, is that she hasn’t popped, meaning her bellybutton (which she says is a special bellybutton because she can make it turn from an innie to an outtie) hasn’t popped out, especially the size she’s showing at now even with her skinny arms.

      • I agree, the bump has been very suspect. I dont think all belly buttons turn into an outie but I think most do, here is a reference to what a pregnant woman looks like each month:

        Again Katie Holmes bump was up and down up and down all through her pregnancy and everyone wondered if she wasnt really pregnant, yet Suri is the spitting image of her, so I dont know what was going on there, of course there could be a new trend of women using surrogates and using their eggs with the mans sperm, implanted into the surrogate- but again that would mean its all planned, and I cant see that with Orlando and Miranda :/ But who knows anymore?

      • Not to mention with how big she’s showing now, she should be having difficulty breathing especially with how high she is. I know any of my friends who carried high before the drop had constant breathing problems especially in the third trimester (they’d have to stop mid sentence to catch their breath due to the baby pressing up against their lungs), they couldn’t even take a deep breath because of the baby’s position. Miranda’s shown no trouble of breathing, especially in the PSA, she even takes a deep breath.

        Miranda denied the pregnancy rumours early July (I think it was July 11th), then at the end of July when the Spain Vogue was translated it was confirmed she was four months pregnant. Why even deny it if your somewhere in your fourth month. She said that she had a very difficult first trimester with constant morning sickness, and yet I only saw one shoot where she looked under the weather.

        It’s crossed my mind that it could be a surrogate, and with them being surprised, perhaps they’re just very good actors? Orlando seemed more surprised than she did though, seeing as all the confirmations came from her team with him being mum about it.

      • I didnt think about the breathing actually, but you are right about that too. I also don’t get why she denied it when she did, even carlii said around that time that “they were just rumours as far as she knew”, so don’t get why it was denied when she was 4 months :/

        I looked up about surrogates, Gestational surrogates are the ones who just carry and deliver the baby with an implanted embryo, but in California you have to take your case to the courts for permission as they take it by case circumstances, and I can’t see them getting permission when ordinarily you do it in the case of fertility reasons etc, I still think even if they were using a surrogate that they would have gotten married first instead of the shotgun wedding which reeked of accidental pregnancy, of course that could be a double bluff to make it believable lol I don’t know but I just think there will be a baby at the end of it, plus with the vogue aus shoot maybe we will finally see the belly naked and see that it is real- if it is then I am gobsmacked as to why her belly has been so not normal throughout all this.

        Why does EVERYTHING to do with them have so much weirdness to it-even when nobody is even looking for it?

        OT I see Lily Allen has lost her baby, she was 6 months pregnant, I feel so sorry for her as it is her 2nd miscarriage, she must be heartbroken.

      • She can’t really claim the “we didn’t know” card either, as she already stated having a difficult first trimester.

        As far as the surrogate, the only thing I can think of, if this is what it really is, is that the surrogate isn’t from California, or they didn’t file for it in California. Then again, with the way California treats the celebs, who knows. I mean where a normal, non-celeb gets jail time, a celeb gets a slap on the wrist and 24 hours in jail.

        I saw that about Lily miscarrying. I’m not a fan, but I felt so terrible, especially since it’s the second time.

        With Suri, who is adorable, I’ve also heard that Tom is infertile. I’ve heard about Chris being the possible Father, but never heard about Tom’s cousin (I didn’t even know that William was Tom’s cousin, where have I been? O.O). It’s a tough call, but she definitely is a mini-Katie.

  9. @nefratiti

    About Suri Cruise: People do think that Katie gave birth to her and Suri is her’s but they think she was born earlier than said. That Katie faked the last months of pregnancy so it would look like its Tom’s. Some think that the real dad is an ex’s before Tom. I am not sure though.

  10. What a shame this turned out to be BS but kudos for admitting it. dont get why a fan or a hater would go to such lengths and the tagging really baffles me too.

    • Thing is I thought it had already been checked as Kerrazy seen it on Delphi before posting it here and a lot of people there were apparently discussing it, therefore we thought it would have been checked to see if it was a fake account as that is usual with the ladies there ordinarily, basically we jumped the gun, but it taught us to check and double check anything like it again, still Mayfrayn fell for it, so she cant laugh lol

      • Mayfrayn says she got confirmation from Miranda’s management team that Lindsay’s account was fake.

      • Thanks Rik. Why on earth did she ask miranda’s management team?? I wonder if she read here that we thought it was fake(or about what was posted here yesterday about her maybe living alone), as she was talking to her as if she believed her lol

      • I honestly have to believe she read it here, to her it probably sounds better that she heard it from Miranda’s management team aka Carlii rather than from here .

      • LOL agreed!! We know while she HATES what people say about her precious Miranda she still reads- now I dont know why she does, if I don’t agree with people, like mayfrayn for instance- I keep away from where she posts as I don’t want to read it. But she proved that she cannot defend all of Miranda’s lies and doings because they are what they are lol

      • Not to mention that she made a big wave about not being online at the 1st. But she was able to read all what was written about this and contact MKs team and getting an answer in less than 1 and a half hour. LMAO

    • @ chocolover- typical she is never off the damned internet, so no way could she stay off for one day!

      Also I don’t get what not going on facebook or twitter just for today helps autism :/

      • I bet she read it here and then claimed she was warned by MK’s management to look as if she had contacts. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she indeed contacted them. She is not new to this, she also wrote to Colin, remember?

        I found this day off to help autistic as useless and senseless as those who promoted it. And I expected people who supported this cause to stay away from the net, not only from FB or twitter. Lol

      • I didn’t get the whole shutting down FB and twitter for autisim was supposed to do. Not to mention this wasn’t some charity that was highly promoted. Very few people knew about it, and I didn’t see that many participating in the shut down either. In fact, very few of MK’s fans did so. Just the overly obsessed ones did.

  11. I have to say, I wasn’t entirely convinced the twitter was real. For a start, the actual model is American, so the poor English in the twitter just didn’t make much sense to me.

    • I thought the same, the terrible English was… well, terrible, but I put it down to her being a typical model and being thick lol

      • Yeah, at first I thought maybe she was just really dumb, but on a second look I decided she probably wasn’t a native English speaker, which would make it a fake account.

    • LOL I agree, the english was terrible! It is a shame that it was more or less believed at face value by the person who took it over to Delphi, but I know that the ladies have better things to do with their time these days than to give a fig about it all.

    • I didn’t even know she was American, I thought maybe Lindsay was Brazilian or something, ha ha shows how much I pay attention to VS models.

      • I didn’t know either until I googled her. I was going to comment on the English on Delphi, but I googled first to make sure she wasn’t just a native of elsewhere.

  12. It never ceases to amaze me how far people go to pretend at being a celebrity! The fact they have took photos of baby toys and clothing and drove to Beverly hills to take a photo and so they had a location to call Miranda’s house, is just incredibly dedicated to their lie! Why is it so important for them to be believed? What do they get out of doing this? At the end of it all they are not who they are claiming so what is the point to it all? *scratches head*

    • Well, when you think that some people believe they know him just cause they met him once for a few minutes and maybe took a pic with him you understand what can go through people’s minds.

      • Of course! I know who you are meaning too. She has always unnerved me by the things she has said and all the icons she has made etc I don’t understand why she is so fixated with them both, she now seems to prefer her to Orlando, which is very odd.

      • Well, she just wrote that she was contacted by MK’s management about the fake baby shower pics etc…She was conctacted? It doesn’t even make sense. Of course she contacted them first asking infos and then they replied.

      • UGH! Why does she do this?? I used to hate the fact that she used to email Colin Stone, I think that is going way too far. His father isn’t a celebrity so leave him alone- I used to think. I would imagine she did contact Carly or Miranda herself and they then told her the Twitter was fake, she likes to sound like she is “in” with them. Ridiculous. A lot of people who she thinks she gets on with do make fun of her behind her back, then they all creep up to her when she has new info or pics. Sickening really.

      • A lot of people who she thinks she gets on with do make fun of her behind her back,

        Especially those who now seems on her side, but they are the same who used to write different things via PM. Life!

      • True! Somebody wrote a song about her and put it on Just Jared about a year or so ago, I will have to see if I can find it, it was so funny! I had my suspicions who wrote it and I don’t think it was a hater like she thought it was put it that way!

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