Asia? My arse!!!

Remember when Miranda was asked about the upcoming Oscar Parties in 2008? Remember what she said where Orlando was because she couldn’t go:

“in Asia for work-related commitments”

And while in LA working she was:

“fending for herself”

Yet lookie what happened! The night before the Oscars (when Miranda was in LA) Orlando attended  “The night before party” which had him schmoozing with Jennifer Aniston

And the night of the Oscar parties, where was Orlando? In Asia??? Busy working??? Nope, he was attending Prince’s Oscar party, where there were rumors of him and Rumer Willis kissing and cuddling and these private photos didn’t help those rumors either. PICS HERE

Also funny that we weren’t the only ones to notice as Fox news had this little Tidbit:

LOS ANGELES —  Australian native Miranda Kerr, the newest “Angel” on the Victoria’s Secret team, may still be acting coyly about her blossoming bond with Orlando Bloom, but all was exposed in her recent interview with the U.K. version of Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

After insisting that she and the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor were “just really good friends,” the reporter apparently noticed a very interesting photo on the supermodel’s BlackBerry wallpaper. The snap reportedly showed the genetically blessed pair in a, well, pretty passionate lip-lock. Whoops!

We can’t help but question the communication in the rumbling romance: New York-based Kerr was in Los Angeles for a photo shoot over Academy Awards weekend, but according to her home-grown publication The Courier Mail, she was “fending for herself” as Orlando “was in Asia for work-related commitments.”

Hmm — so how did he end up Kerr-less (and instead getting super-friendly with Rumer Willis) at the Oscar soirees for both Madonna and Prince ?

Verdict: It was a lie OR Miranda didn’t know where Orlando was OR he had lied to her saying he was in Asia and that is why he couldn’t take her to the Oscar parties even though she was in LA that same weekend! Whatever the explanation how AWFUL that he didn’t take his girlfriend to the Oscar parties when he himself was going, especially when she was in town!

~ by nefratiti on October 28, 2010.

15 Responses to “Asia? My arse!!!”

  1. LMAO That was one of the best lolz ever. Ah, the times when he still had his balls. And brain. Wonder what happen…

    • I agree, he had a “couldn’t care less” attitude then, he was more his own man, then she seemed to chip away at him and since then he has seemed to give in. The baby seemed to have been the final nail in the “being his own man” coffin. Such a shame.

      She must have felt very humiliated over that weekend because she looked an idiot, he had said to her he was working in Asia, and then in the same town as her is partying and flirting up a storm with every woman he could get his hands on, but she got her revenge big style.

  2. I have to admit, I do like the pics of him with Rumor, I think he looks like he is genuinely having fun but I don’t believe the rumors they were up to anything. I don’t get where “asia” came from, quite random, would have been easy to say he was working and leave it at that. The “fending for hersefl” made me laugh! The poor, defenseless, gatherer woman was left defending for herself while the hunter was away at work. And she has wrote a book for young women with THAT attitude? If she is going to be true to her word, she will quit work, stay at home, be the gatherer she thinks women are and let Orlando go out to work. Sorry to go slightly OT.

    • HQ of funny Orlando.

      Scans by Interconnector@OL
      I hope it works…

    • I agree, it angered the hell out of me when she said that on oz radio, she seems to drag feminism back to the dark ages by saying shit like that, she is kind of woman that teaches young girls that it is OK for a man to treat you like shit, or humiliate you, and that you are just a sex object ,and that showing your naked body or standing in your underwear gets you where you want to be in life , because lets be honest- apart from Orlando that is all she is known for and that is the majority of what she has done, I find her extremely damaging to young girls who in some crazy way look up to her, because she is a BAD role model, I couldn’t give a fig if she spouts affirmations and does yoga and hardly eats, that doesn’t make her a good role model- lying, showing her vulva, anus, doing sexual naked shoots and leaving the love of her life for an actor to “get her name out there, having nothing to offer but her naked body, and getting pregnant to keep a man is a BAD role model and I don’t know how anyone can think anything else.

      Sorry for the rant, but she is most infuriating person, I have NEVER known anyone like her and there are a LOT of celebrities that I cannot stand.

  3. I dont remember this. How weird but yes one of them was lying. either miranda to the public or Orlando to Miranda haha

  4. Funny thing is that this pics ‘accidently’ found their way into a OZ mag. Demi sued them and recently she got right that they were published without her agreement.
    They were only printed in this mag.

    • I know, I always thought that was odd- who leaked them to this Oz magazine because they were private, it was so odd that it was an Australian mag and they were the only ones, I guess It would be too easy to say Orlando had a hand in that, but it fits with all he did, as if he was humiliating her that whole weekend, I guess we will never know how the Oz mag got their hands on them, but I am sure it must’ve come out in court who gave the pics to the Oz magazine.

      • From what I remember the photog who has taken them sold them without permission. But I didn’t really follow it. I just heard that New Idea paid Demi some bucks for printing them and to avoid a lawsuit. It was just a couple of weeks ago.

  5. They both have a habit of making each other look dumb and stupid. I think its like a tit for tat game for them or something.

    • I thought this about them too, if that is the case these two immature idiots should not be bringing a child into the world. One upmanship in a relationship never ends well, but then I would say it is a given that these two won’t last anyway, no celebrity relationship does, and that is when they are in love, what chance have these two got? None lol

    • I agree. Later she did the same last year with one of KOL’s member while Orlando was in Europe.

  6. Things like this make it all the more obvious she was just his fuckbuddy, after all why not take her to the most exclusive party in town? Orlando obviously was using her too, for his libido and to flash her around in pap pics the “look who I’m fucking” crap that obviously makes him feel good about himself, that is why I can never agree that she is the only user, he uses her too, she just gets much more out of it than him, after all it is only so long you can parade your “hot fuckable” model girlfriend around before she gets too old to be classed as that, then its onto the next younger model- I would like to think he would grow up and not be so pathetic to do that, but I doubt it.

    I would never thought I would see the day that he had more chemistry with Rumer Willis than with Miranda! LOLZ Maybe there was some truth in the rumors?Maybe they did have a bit of a making out session at the party? Who knows after Orli boy has had a drink 😉

    She should have just said that she was busy that night, she would have looked less like a fool.

  7. And yet another “proof” of them being Fuck-buddies! Why didn’t I see this before? I just made excuses! You are right though, there was no reason for her not to go, he went to two parties in two nights!

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