Q: What Do Miranda And A Dromedary Have In Common?

A: They both have camel toe!

Ok, I know woman are all made the same way and it happens to the best of us BUT models are meant to avoid this situation by wearing a thin panty liner/cotton stuffing, Miranda obviously opted not to wear one which she should have done as camel toe is an indication for ill fitting garments but we know how much she loves showing off her most intimate parts as she has been caught with the toe of a camel before. “You may also pack panty liners or cotton stuffing to prevent a camel toe.”, Miranda will know this, she will have been told this time and time again yet she chose not to be camel-toe free. I highly doubt she will have forgot, everything a model goes through before and during a catwalk will become second nature. Hey Miranda, there is such a thing a camel-toe porn out there, now there’s a calling if ever there was one.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on October 27, 2010.

11 Responses to “Q: What Do Miranda And A Dromedary Have In Common?”

  1. There really isn’t an excuse to have cameltoe when you are a professional model who knows all the tricks of the trade, while I’m sure plenty of men like to see it, for a woman who has it, I would say it is very embarassing, but obviously not to her because it looks like she NEVER wears a pantyliner to stop it happening on catwalk shows, it is obviously a well known trick to avoid cameltoe when a male photog knows all about it LOL

    I really think if she could she would be naked 24/7. I pity the child who will be attacked with all these pictures when it gets older.

  2. That is just.. you can see it all O_O.

  3. I have seen everything of her. I could have gone my life without seeing anything but of course she wants everyone to see EVERYTHING.

    Dumb slut.

  4. I know im embarased when it happens to me and I try to avoid it at all costs. Wasnt her daddy at this event? urgh couldnt have my father seeing that! Creepy!

  5. She is very easy to work out, she LOVES showing all her body and most intimate parts because I really think she gets a thrill out of some guys wanking off over it all. To her that is probably the biggest compliment she could get.
    Going by her daily food intake though she sounds as boring and as bland as crap- which tells me she is probably boring and crap in bed, which I bet is a disappointment. I cannot imagine anyone liking this woman, she is so boring and all she goes on about is boring, she can never seem to laugh or lighten up, it is all deadly serious with her, and the way she lectures her fans- WOW, disgusting! I can only imagine how much she nags orlando “stop smoking, stop drinking, don’t eat red meat” What man would really like a woman like that? You can still be healthy as well as enjoy food, she must be constantly miserable because she must be constantly starving, if that is what she is eating then I worry that the baby isn’t getting enough nutrition, as how can it based on that diet?- she is probably consuming around 500-800 calories IF SHE IS LUCKY! And the amount of fish she eats must make her STINK.

    • I don’t look at her Facebook so how does she lecture her fans?

      I agree that she seems to be so damn boring and serious all the time. Jeez lightened up a bit.

      • She lectures people by telling them what they SHOULD be eating like her, don’t eat sweets, don’t eat too much meat, don’t smoke, don’t drink. She also lectures with her “how to live your life” quotes, the thing is when she is doing all this nobody is asking her she is juts saying it as if she has a right, she isn’t a dietitian nor a nutritionist- so what even gives her the right to be “advising” people? I say let people do what the hell they want, and if people want to eat healthily it certainly isn’t rocket science it is all common sense, I hate the way she seems to think you can’t eat a cheeseburger and still be healthy, hasn’t she heard of treating yourself or eating things in moderation? For the fact she is IGNORING her pregnancy cravings is just wrong! Why can’t she just have a little of what she is craving? She looks like she has an eating disorder, eating under 1000 calories everyday of your life is dangerous and classed as crash dieting, and if she is having under 1000 cals while pregnant that is just dangerous to the child’s growth and well being, my sister was pregnant and eating normally, no junk food but just normally, and she was told she wasn’t eating enough and the baby wasn’t developing normally so she had to eat more, and my sister was having 3 decent meals a day with just a little treat.

        She must drive Orlando insane with it all if she tries it on him.

    • She is quite boring. I watched part of her diary she did back in 2006 (which is entirely cringe worthy), and she sounds so… mechanical and monotone. Like she’s reading off a cue card that isn’t even there.

    • I was going to do a post on her “diet” but couldn’t be bothered to add up the calories but I can see she is eating way too little for a pregnant woman. Obviously she cares more about herself, her weight, never mind the poor baby. This would also explain why her bump is quite small.

  6. Theres only one reason women do this on purpose – because men like it. Most decent women dont like men/strangers looking at the shape of their feminine parts.

    • I agree. She really seems to get a kick out of it. I would have thought Orlando wouldn’t have liked it, but well he obviously doesn’t care less.

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