Meet The Parents, The Private Couple Way!

Orlando goes to Australia to meet Miranda’s family.

The strory:

Orlando, Miranda, John and Therese were caught by the evil paps while they all met for the first time. This isn’t quite the case as the “paps” in question were WireImage who are not “paps”, they do not stalk celebrities, they ONLY do pre-arranged, pre-paid for “events” so this meeting was paid for and the empty folder of the get together was on WireImage before it actually happened. What does that mean? That means the meeting was paid for in advance and the folder was there waiting to be filled. You can clearly see Orlando and especially Miranda smiling and posing for the pictures, something a private couple would not do.

The proof:

You can read all about WireImage on their site and why they are not paparazzi but a professional photography service. You can also read about their Product and Services and you will see they are nothing less than professional.

The verdict:

The proof is there on WireImages site. This could only be a pre-arranged, pre-paid set up. As the folder was on the site before the meeting took place indicates this also. Proof they are not private as this should have been something special for both of them. Bottom line is, WI are only where they are invited to be.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on October 26, 2010.

20 Responses to “Meet The Parents, The Private Couple Way!”

  1. I remember when it was pointed out that wireimage was pre-paid and wasn’t considered paps as they do major events and such. The shippers went on the defense saying that they were just like the paps or something to that effect.

    It’s no surprise as it’s her family though, taking into consideration that even her Grandmother jumps at the chance to appear on the news and gives out information.

  2. It’s nearing blasphemy to call WI “paparazzi”.
    They only only do pre-arranged shoots of red carpet events and such, and they’re doing this for decades. So they were called to this ‘event’, like they are called to shoot the Paris fashion show, for instance.
    At this early stage of the relationship (2008), I assume the WI photoshoot was pre-arranged by Team Cabbage, i.e. the Kerrazies.

    Name of the shoot: Meet the parents.

  3. This is one of the best evidences that they participate in set ups. I also heard that it costs around $5k to book Wireimage for an event, that is some desperation to prove they were a real couple. Nobody can ever explain this away because this is cast iron that Wireimage are only event photographers and not paps, and they have to be invited and pre-booked.

    How can people think these two have ever been private? Him meeting her father should be a very important, special occasion but the famewhores that they are have to publicise that too, and then sit in the window (because there was no where else to sit right lol?) so they can continue snapping away. They probably thought people wouldn’t realise that wireimage arent a pap agency, but they didn’t count on the fact that someone seen the empty folder ready for this “event” days before it happened, and that people would know that wireimage arent paps, nor do they stalk.

  4. May? Anything?

  5. I like Wireimage as well as Getty. I always go to them first for event pictures and I never see papa type pictures on there so this is new to me.

  6. I remember when these photos came out and even I was shocked at how they didn’t hide the fact it was WireImage, big mistake!!! Showing the world that they would sell their father- literally! 😀 Of course the shippers who live in cloud cuckoo land would say black was white to defend these two famewhores. I will give them the kudos for learning a teeny bit over the years, by saying they had wed in private made them seem private by not whoring out the wedding BUT then they kinda spoilt that by making an announcement of an announcement and telling the world so fast that it had happened, if they had done a Cruz & Bardem, and told everyone months after the event then I would have really thought they had been private.

  7. New poster here *waves* This is a great idea for a blog, and I wish this had been done in the beginning to the present day. According to those that know her she is a liar, opportunist, manipulative tramp who has climbed up the ladder of men to where she is today, she isn’t as big as she had hoped though and obviously thinks her new image of Healthy living mother to the baby in her belly, will shoot her to where she wants to be, I can’t wait until she realizes that won’t happen and that she has prob shot herself in the foot by having a baby now, even I admit she was doing well, more High fashion work, ans probably would have been offered more, but the pregnancy has ruined that, oh well, I hope she is ready for a life of obscurity when the intial interest in what the baby looks like dies down.

    Anyways, I’m very glad that they did this with WI because it proved what they were all about, two desperate famewhores trying so hard to prove that their relationship was serious. I think John Kerr’s silence after his daughter wed Bloom speaks volumes, when speaking of Orlando after he has met him and spending time with him on the bikes he seemed pretty “meh” about him and said Miranda should only marry him if its what she wanted, true of course, but the guy didn’t exactly gush about Orlando, so I reckon Mr.kerr aint that happy about this, tbh the vibe I get from Granny Ann says the same thing, after all wasn’t it her who said that she shouldn’t settle down when there are “other men out there” -or words to that effect (can anyone remember what she said?) with the first lot of engagement rumors? that speaks volumes too, and lets face it if Orlando was sooo nice and Miranda was sooo in love with him, and he was sooo in love with her, and treat her like a goddess-why wouldn’t they like him? Maybe they think she is wasting her life by being in this relationship that was probably a fuckbuddy relationship at best, and is now trapped and tied down with a baby with a man who probably doesn’t love her nor her him.

    No matter how anybody wants to spin it facts are she got pregnant- probably by accident, and then they got married, doesn’t take a genius to say that they only got married because of the baby, after all it was only in January this year that orlando said they were “just hanging out” and were “hardly see each other”, and that “we spend a weekend here and there when we can”- that spells F-U-C-K-B-U-D-D-Y.

    • *waves back* 🙂

      I think I’m leaning more and more into the belief that twit and twat are so totally into this whoring together, right from the start.

      • OT – I tried the Email Subscription to get updates from this site to my email but when I put my email addy in, it says check my mail for confirmation but nothing appears. Does this feature actually not work?

      • I think I have sorted it out now, for some reason it was on “disabled” so let me know if it is now working. Thanks 🙂

      • Did you check your spam folder?

    • Welcome and enjoy your stay here 🙂

      I do agree that they only got married because she got pregnant. As they claim to be so “traditional” I think they would have wed first THEN had a baby if it was planned. It is never a good idea to marry because of a child because in this day and age they rarely last. When you think Orlando had gone from “heart in her hands” to “Just hanging out, hardly see one another, just enjoying each others company” etc when you think that is a come down from “Heart in hands”- which tells me they probably wouldn’t have lasted, funny how not long after he says these words (and I think it was Feb this year he said them) 2 months later she is pregnant.

      • Just an observation, but Alessandra was pregnant before marriage, and is still only engaged, Doutzen as well, pregnant and engaged. I didn’t/don’t see either one of them jumping straight into a shotgun marriage. Neither one of them jumped straight into a shotgun marriage just to be a traditionalist.

        To me, her comment about being a traditionalist, having to be married before having the baby almost seems like a back hand slap to the models who have had children without being married.

      • Thank you.

        If she has tricked him into staying with her with this baby then I am speechless. But I know it is very possible. IF that is the case then I am so sorry for Orlando. It makes me more upset to be honest, how awful that he would not have a say about bringing a baby into the world.

      • Exactly Rik. Those models haven’t rushed down the aisle, but that is obviously because they are in real, loving relationships and will marry for the proper reason, for love, not because they were effbuddies who HAD to get married to keep their “innocent” images.

        @anon I agree that if she has done that it is horrible, but women have been doing it forever, let’s face it though if she knew they weren’t going to last she may have panicked and thought of a way to stop him from ending it. Why should she be above doing that? From all we have seen she would stop at nothing to keep what she has gained in these last few years, let’s be honest when Kate was with Orlando, yes she had a career of her own before they met, but Orlando gave her all that she had wanted, modelling contracts, big budget movie offers, she wouldn’t have got them without Orlando IMO- after all like Miranda she was always “orlando blooms gf”, as soon as her and Orlando split, Kate slid down to near obscurity and not getting those amazing roles in big movies and she wasn’t spoken about in the media anymore, now she has her teeth stuck into Askars, well she is getting back up there thanks to that connection, I don’t think Miranda is all that different, as she has needed men to help her get where she is today. Maybe she saw what happened to Kate after Orlando and panicked, I’m sure by then she will have known that Orlando was a responsible man who would face his responsibilities if it ever happened. Knowing what we do about Miranda and her lies and what people have said about her, it is impossible not to be suspicious about her getting pregnant on purpose.

  8. Hello. I hope I can post here. I am what some would call a “shipper” but I do want to say this.
    I have always supported Orlando and Miranda as a couple, I don’t want to say who I am and haven’t put my name, but I want to say that I do think that Orlando and Miranda use their relationship for publicity and always have, I also agree that they do photo set up’s with the paparazzi, as I know most celebrities do, it is the name of the game. I never minded them using the relationship for publicity when they were just dating, but now I do not like it nor agree with it. A lot of us “shippers” think that their wedding was a very private affair, but how can it be when she announced an announcement about it the way she did? I also don’t like that she says the baby news was “sacred” to them yet told the Vogue spain Photographer and then let them print it, I can admit that Vogue is not a tabloid and would not post secret information out that was spoken “off the interview” so to speak, so they obviously got her permission to put it in the magazine, and that is so classless and not private at all. I don’t like them now using the baby for the extra publicity either, all these photo set up’s like they did in the train stations when catching the Eurostar. I love Orlando dearly, but I wonder why he is doing this with a woman he apparently loves- I always thought when in love he would protect her and keep everything private, but this isn’t what has happened at all.

    I would not dare say this on the communities and forum’s I am on as I would get thrown off, that is why I am saying it here, it has been hard for me to keep it in these past few months, but I am becoming more disappointed in him as a person, and am beginning to see that she isn’t all she has claimed to be, my heart is saying that it is all her fault and influence that is making him act this way, but I know he is a grown man too.

    Thanks for letting me have my say.

    • You are more than welcome to post your thoughts here. Anyone is welcome here but they have to realise that this site is as it is, they are Miranda’s words and actions, this site is to show every lie she has told so blatantly and it also has the same treatement to Orlando, and it has a “odd” section where things don’t quite add up.

      I understand where you are coming from with what you are saying, a lot of people think that Kate was a nasty piece of work, I say to these people who now like Miranda, he obviously is capable of being with someone who is like that, so why shouldn’t be Miranda be like that, when there is a lot of evidence that she is.

      Unfortunately though I think Orlando knows what she is, and he is like it himself to a point as his actions have proven recently, otherwise he wouldn’t be with her, maybe she is good at hiding who she is- I can’t say for a fact that he does know the real her- as they are only beginning to spend a lot of time together now, maybe he will see the truth about her, so maybe there is a chance he is being fooled by this little miss innocent act, but I seriously doubt it I’m afraid.

  9. Was the so called ‘Morocco Mate’ Pictures not from WI too?

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