Such A Private Person – Not!

We all know Miranda and her kin have a mouth bigger than the black hole of Calcutta when it comes to her private life. Here are a few quotes she and the Kerr’s really didn’t need to tell the world (with a few weird things she has said thrown in):

“Hmmm,” she says. “I think I’ll have to take this with me.” – referring to a riding crop and Orlando’s birthday.

“It’s nothing, it’s just a phone” – Miranda was caught by a Harpers Bazaar reporter blatantly waving her Blackberry around and the screen was a picture of her and Orlando kissing.

“He’s meeting her in Paris next week.” – Therese Kerr on Miranda’s and Orlando’s whereabouts for the week ahead, making sure the evil, stalker paparazzi know where they are in the world too. Poor hounded couple.

“Yes, I’m pregnant. Four months along,” – Miranda confirms this to Vogue Spain in July yet claims on her Facebook to have wanted to keep it sacred for as long as they could. Okaaay…. so, why were you blabbing to Vogue a month earlier?

Did the two spend Valentine’s Day together? “I can’t tell you,” she replied with a laugh. “I work for Victoria’s Secret – but that’s my secret.” – I don’t think you know the meaning of the word “secret”.

The following comments are from her recent Facebook entry:

“Oh my goodness, just as I got on line I had someone at the gate that I had to let in, things to be refrigerated and then my dad rang!!” – Even though her mother and “O” are there,  SHE had to “open the gate”” and refrigerate stuff? Miranda, your mother is there to spend time with you, “O” hasn’t been home long and you’re still on Facebook? I’m lost for words! Especially as you were hardly on Facebook when “O” was away!

Kara Leigh-Arnold (MKFB): “put photos up of ur baby belly 🙂” . Miranda: “Kara, my mum is saying I should and I will talk with her more about it xxx” – Why talk to your mother about it?? It’s your belly, or is it your mothers? lol

“Thanks TJ, next year the bub is due – earlier in the year” – Why is she constantly so vague about when the baby is due? Milla has already said it is Jan 2011 so no need for her to be coy. I really don’t think the paps will be banging down her hospital room door, not unless they are paid to do so.

Again the Miranda/Therese confusion seems to have reared it’s ugly head once again.

If anyone can think of anymore “TMI” or weird things she’s said, please comment and I will add them (please provide links/screencaps if you can). There has been so much shit over the years I’m finding it hard to keep track.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on October 24, 2010.

10 Responses to “Such A Private Person – Not!”

  1. Oh wow does this woman love to blab doesn’t she? And how her fans still think she is so damn private is beyond me.

    I think, could be wrong, that she is vague about the whole due because she probably doesn’t want people to figure when it was conceived.I have seen comments about it may not be Orlando and really that comment is in a way almost trying to prove that.

    • I also think exactly this, Mystic. The exact week doesn’t tell Miranda so that no-one the calendar out rummages (or a corresponding program loads itself onto the computer or iPhone/iPad or one corresponding other Mobile-Phone) and then something sees, what shall not come to the light with that. 😉

      I don’t know it exactly but isn’t the corresponding week printed on the ultra sonograms either? And because of this, she puts no-one into the net.

      Well, she won’t be able conceal it any more at the latest when the baby looks like his father (and to be more precise from the first minute) – unless the father is John Meyer (or really Orlando). 🙂 Although, John Meyer rather looks like the young Johnny Depp, or?

      I know the comment, Mystic, if you mean this at JustJared or also LiveJournal. This one also only based on assumptions, though. Or you think that the Australian press still knew the approximate week before Miranda admitted it officially? I don’t find this so incredible…

    • I have to agree Mystic, there has to be a reason why she’s being so vague on when the baby is due. It’s easy to say you’re six months along, it’s still being rather vague on it, no one knows if she’s in the beginning of her six month, middle or closer to seven. Any of my friends who have been pregnant have always said how many weeks they are rather than what month they’re in.

      If we can assume she conceived in May at some point, or even end of April, she and Doutzen are roughly around the same month at this point (didn’t she have beef with Doutzen or something, not getting along?). Doutzen looks like the picture of pregnancy, while Miranda mostly looks bloated in the face with a moving and vanishing bump.

      Strange though, Doutzen announced her pregnancy in July, Miranda dropped the bomb in July that she too is pregnant. Doutzen is due in Jan 2011, and Milla said that Miranda is due in Jan 2011. Just my little observation.

  2. With the baby belly, she probably has to consult her Mother to see if there is a high bidder for her first bare belly photos. Or she needs a professional photographer for the photos.

    That’s what I don’t understand, she keeps on saying “early next year” even though Milla said Jan 2011 and I certainly don’t think Milla would be so definite about month if she wasn’t told so.

    Oddly enough, she’s mentioned she’s nesting, wasn’t it mentioned sometime last week that she’ll be claiming that she’s nesting shortly, and boom she is (unless my memory is going which is possible ^-^).

    Wonder when the baby shower will come about.

    • Typically most women have a baby shower a month before they are due.

    • She doesn’t need a professional photographer for pictures of her belly – unless Orlando doesn’t want to make a nude shot of her with belly. 😉

  3. WOW!!! That riding crop was very vulgar and totally uncalled for, still it proves what she is- maybe she does whip the shit out of him- the first year they were together he had unexplained injury marks on him- mostly the wrists- what the hell was it? slitting his wrists, or her tying him up tight enough to make a mark?? I can imagine her being into s&m. and with him going to a s&m lesbian bondage club well ,maybe he is too.

    I am not getting this whole baby bump thing, but if she is going to be posing with her bump soon then all will be revealed LOL

    Yet again WHO is posting??? Miranda or therese? is therese pretending to be miranda that night or what?? As miranda isnt going to be signing off as therese is she? And seeing as there was only 1 minutes difference to signing off from miranda to therese- well something isnt right is it??

    • That’s what can bug me about her, she tries to be vague but ends up giving so much away (whether it’s true or not). There are some things you don’t need to tell anyone but she does. Yes, about the Facebook, there’s definitely some lying going on as to who is posting and she is deceiving her fans as they think they are chatting to her when they could be chatting to Therese. Weird! Had to laugh at her mother slipping over in the rain while wearing flip flops and she noted they were BLACK flip flops, like she wouldn’t have fell over if she was wearing blue ones! The color matters!!

  4. WOW! So much wank fodder here!
    She tried to get the photo on the blackberry seen the december 07 in fact if you look at this particular photo:

    look closely at the screen of her blackberry- you can make out what looks like orlando on the right hand side of the phone, she is waving the phone around in a lot of the pap pics in a very odd and ott way so she was obviously trying to “out” her and Orlando this way so she couldnt be blamed- which she then goes on to try again in the HB interview.PATHETIC.

    Thr riding crop was to much information, a bit like her nodding and winking at a pap who asked her if orlando was flexible, nudge nudge, wink,wink. That is stuff you don’t discuss or talk about or even joke about, it is in bad taste.

    Her family have always angered me, they don’t need to speak as that is what her publicist is for, her family are just like her- famewhores who love the attention.

    The belly/baby issue is tricky too, I think she is pregnant and I think it is Orlando’s. However her being odd about it, and the bump changing shape and size small to big and small again is strange, once a woman gets to 6 months then the belly is a big one and looks big no matter what, her being coy about the arrival date is strange but that could be because she is having a caesarian in December and will play the “arrived early” card OR she is only around four months pregnant now, but don’t get why they would lie about how far on she is.

    The Therese/Miranda thing is weird, all I can think is her and therese are on at the same time sometimes so she “help” her answering people, but she is still pretending to be miranda no matter which way anyone looks at it, and that is lying and being deceiving to the fans that think they are getting answers off Miranda- as usually if therese is online to answer things miranda says so.

    • Thanks for that photo, I can make out a dark haired guy there, it seems that is what she was trying to do, hilarious the paparazzo missed it lol

      She will talk about sex because that is all she sells, that is all she knows, that is how she has gotten to where she is by taking off her clothes at the drop of a hat and pose in sexual poses and attracting men with sex and playing up to the innocent girl who will do anything in bed, she struck gold with orlando who’s brains are in his boxer shorts, because his name brought her what she wanted and got her that little bit more recognition that she would never have got without him.

      All this earth mother bullshit is a change in tack because she is getting older and won’t be able to sell sex for much longer without looking ridiculous(not that will stop her of course) but to anyone with a brain you can see how contrived it all is and that she only cares about sales of kora and her book.

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