And… Action!

Miranda and Orlando get caught canoodling on the balcony in Australia. “How sweet” you would think, but it took them at least 3 times to do it.

The story:

The ever-stalked Orlando and Miranda were in Sydney, Australia in 2009. The oh-so private couple who like to snog on a balcony instead of doing it in the privacy of their room, were photographed “making out” on the balcony of their hotel room but a lady who buys paparazzi pictures from agencies saw the time stamps of every picture and noticed it took the couple over an hour to shoot. Within the hour, there were at least three separate “takes” of the “scene!”. This is what happened:

1) The photographer who caught them on the balcony was the same lucky photographer that caught him with Eric Bana. Wow!
2) The photos took over an hour to take! The shoot started at 1.16pm and ended at 2.27pm. They were looking at and seems like they were communicating with the camera man via | cell | phone … you can see that in some of the pictures.
3) Orlando came out on the balcony at least 3 times… like retakes. The first time he came out she helped him with his shirt and is wearing his necklace and they put on the PDA. He goes back in and comes back out 15 minutes later (this is according to the time stamps on the pictures) and does the scene over again… same thing but this time, no necklace. Then the same thing happens about 40 minutes later… she is left alone on the phone… maybe talking to the paps?

The proof:

I know of and trust the lady who has seen the time stamps. I also know of a shipper has also seen the time stamps and can’t explain it. I do not have access to photo agencies to see the time stamps myself but, if anyone would liek to check, please do.

The verdict:

Set up without question! Also, the photographer “just so happens” to catch Orlando AGAIN? Wow! You can see by one of the pictures that Miranda has seen the photographer as she is looking straight at him. Private couples would go straight back in doors. The PDA’s look completely over the top and us “fat, jealous haters” aren’t the only one’s who noticed. There is nothing wrong with have a kiss and a cuddle on the balcony but some of the pictures are completely OTT.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on October 24, 2010.

38 Responses to “And… Action!”

  1. I am pretty sure these pics are from Feb 2009 in Austrialia. The ones of them in Gran Canaria are those with his naked butt and standing in the pool.

  2. Thanks for pointing this out. Of course it is all a misunderstanding cause it is so evident how in love they were in those pics!! (sarscasm) lol
    Keep on the great job, someone is gettin’ green with fury!

  3. The time stamps are going from 1:16pm to 2:27pm.
    You can see the timestamp when you choose details in the windows explorer view and add the option ‘pic taken at’ when you right click at the field ‘name’ at the top. Or you can see it when you move with your mouse over it. But that only works when the time stamp wasn’r removed from the agency or from someone who tagged the pics. πŸ˜‰

  4. Why do they looks so ridiculous! Who goes to lick someone’s face? Is he a dog? Although.. lol
    This is an obvious set up as you say, nobody acts like that. They look so uncomfortable trying to be intimate, how on EARTH did they have sex? They must have been pissed drunk!
    Plus the timestamps give it all away anyway. This is the typical kind of “proof” they tried to give that they “are a real couple, who fuck and that”, yet everyone at the time laughed at the OTT, unlikely PDA’s. like the link you gave. If you have to go to such lengths to prove something then something is up.

    • I guess they are just having a laugh, not taking it too serious and thats why it looks so rubbish. All they needed to do is get one pic of them just kissing like a normal couple and that would have been enough but it’s always overkill with these two. I mean… an hour!!!! I could have done something more convincing in 5 minutes, they are so dumb!

      • For people having a laugh they certainly look miserable in some of them, and in some she even looks yukked out by him! Aint love grand??!! πŸ˜€

  5. Sorry for bothering you again, but since this blog is about giving prooofs, please, try to give certain proofs, sometimes.

    – 1) The photographer who caught them on the balcony was the same lucky photographer that caught him with Eric Bana. Wow

    Of course the photographer was the same! Haven’t you heard about photographers following celebrities and trying to get valuable pics?
    When Orlando was in Germany filiming The Three Musketeers, a paparazzo called Hans Paul told how he was following Orlando and Miranda in Wurzburg, trying to get pictures of them, so why does it strange for you that paparazzi could have followed them when they were in Oz? So, sorry but this is not a proof at all.
    About the time stamps….it took over an hour to take the pics…so what? Really….those pics were taken with a very powerful tele, and you can see it by the pics themselves, that are very grainy, everyone that has a little knowing about photography can tell you this. Orlando and Miranda were simply going in and out from their room, maybe Orlando took a shower and took off his necklace, so nothing strange at all. And in the meantime, paps were taking pics, and they stayed all the time they needed. And about Orlando and Miranda looking at the paps??Do you really call it a proof? When pics are taken with a long tele? Please, if you want to look at these pics in your own way, that’s fine, but please don’t state these suppositions as facts, because they are not.

    • Wow you are really something.

      So I have to ask: What do you think of the pics that show Miranda’s a-hole? Probably will find something artistic about it but when you kiss up to people so much like you do with her, you are just blind to everything. If you honestly think that O likes what you are doing with all the ass kissing, you are so wrong.

      • My dear,
        I already expressed my opinion about the pics of Miranda from Russell James. I have seen them and I really can’t find any a-hole. Maybe I need a new pair of glasses? Maybe not, maybe you need to look at things from different point of view. But we both know that neither of us will do this. We have different opinions, and we want to change them.
        If you think that I like Miranda only because she is with Orlando, you are really wrong. But believe me, if I didn’t like her, I wouldn’t go all over the Net bashing and insulting her. Because insulting someone is not freedom of speech. It IS a bad thing, at all. And nobody can change my opinion about this. Sometimes, when I feel angry, I insult or call people bad names. But I’m not feeling good about this.
        Keeping to the point, I prefer the pictures where Miranda shows her face, because she is beautiful, and I don’t particularly like pics of body’s part, but I don’t find Russell James’ pics tacky, or pornographic at all.
        And regarding what Orlando likes or doesn’t like, I don’t think you have any clue to suggest me….^_^

    • You clearly need glasses cause you can see her a-hole. Sorry but I am not going to look at a clearly soft porn like pic in a different P.O.V.

      I think I may know what Orlando likes a tad more than you. Like I know that you are somewhere at the top his and his PR people’s Crazy fan list.

      Honestly why don’t you just stay over on shipper land and leave us alone.

      • Amen.

      • Is this blog open to civil confrontation or not?
        Or it is censored?
        And regarding your comment:
        “Like I know that you are somewhere at the top his and his PR people’s Crazy fan list.”
        nice trying darling, keep going on.

      • “Is this blog open to civil confrontation or not? Or it is censored?”
        No, it’s not. Read the rules! This place isn’t for back and forth argueing with each other. Discussion – yes. Speculation – yes. Bitching about each other – no!

      • No it is true. His people keep a list of crazy internet fans and you are definitely on that list. I say Top 5.

      • Don’t waste time Mystic and Choco.

    • Then lets flip the coin shall we – prove to me they were being stalked apart from some paps say so as what else could he say? If you think ZERO paparazzi pictures aren’t set up then you are very naive. I can give you countless locations where I know for a fact that the paps do not hang out – even when more famous people like Johnny Depp go to such places but Miranda and Orlando get stalked there? Please! I know the pictures were taken with a long tele lense? but so what? What does this prove? That their balcony was overlooking the water? And? You can clearly see at least one of the couple have seen the paps but remain on the balcony. You prove nothing, at least I can prove more than you ever will. Oh, and I’m lookin forward to hearing your excuses on all the other posts I’ve done yet you’ve strangely not commented on. Hmm …

    • But what does all that prove? What about the show these two are putting on for the paps?? Nobody acts like that over the age of 14, and she looks so icked out by him. So what is it? Stalked but knowing they were being photographed and them putting on a show for the paps, or them having a pap set up and putting on a show for the paps, they have DEFINETELY seen the paps and they continue the ridiculous PDA’s, but according to some shippers they are private- how can they be if they are doing that?

      I don’t care what some paps say either, thw guy who takes a lot of their pap pics BIG PICTURES the guy who owns it said when Orlando and Miranda hadnt been dating long that their photos didnt sell, so he was dropping huge bastard of hints that they take them because they are set up’s. All I know is this, A -listers like Leo di caprio and his beautiful model girlfriend hardly get papped and they are much more famous than Orlando and his panty model, please explain that to me? Leo and Bar pics sell for a LOT of money, yet the paps hardly catch them, same with Johnny and his family- wow so odd that they would stalk a couple whose photos dont sell when they could be getting pap pics of real A listers that do!

      I would also LOVE to know what you thought of Orlando being papped coming out of voyeur the sex club which is a KNOWN pap hang out, so he will have known he would be papped going there than Miranda’s “big night” at the vs show last year!

      But obviously as you haven’t posted in that particular thread and most the other threads you are admitting that what we are saying is true, that she does LIE and that there are a lot of things that don’t add up- otherwise you would have posted in the other threads instead of this one, and the kora one where you tried- but utterly failed and actually proved our point about the harsh chemicals that hurt peoples skins, OH and you also didnt post in the one where Miranda has LIED about Kora being organic, yes she was caught 100% and you have said nothing about her practically FRAUDULENT behaviour as she is gaining money under false pretenses -maybe because you know you can’t because it is all AS IT IS and is FACT-and actually you must be SUPPORTING her lies and practically fraudulent behaviour- the fact you can support a proven liar and fake says a lot about you also!. Yes I am being personal because you are supporting a woman who is knowingly LYING to people who are only buying her creams because she is claiming they are organic- how is that right? How does that make a nice person? Thanks for proving more points- Dear.

      Love how you can only comment on the least important posts!

    • Okay! Who let the dog out?

  6. @mystic

    yeah sure, and you of course have access to this list. Maybe you are Top 1! LOL
    You really believe crazy things, dear, like the ones about Orlando and Viggo

    • Actually I am not on the list at all. I have never done anything to warrent a place on it. No I don’t have any access.

      Please at least Viggo and Orlando is more believeable than O and MK. WIth Viggo, Orlando actually looked happy in pics while in most with MK he looks suicidal.

      • No offense but I’m not one of the people who believe the Viggo/Orli stuff but each to their own, I’m cool with whatever people believe.

  7. @dea:

    don’t worry for them, dear, I’m not wasting MY time anymore here, it doesn’t worth it

    • Good riddance.

    • I hope you are true to your word because, while I would like to hear from all sides, you do not accept others opinions, you do not have an open mind or are open to possibilities so you just come here to tell people off and how wrong they are. Sorry but until you can back yourself up you can’t say I’m wrong!

      • She also won’t come back because she cannot debunk all the lies Miranda has said/done, so it is best for her to bury her head in the sand and ignore FACTS that she has lied in a big way. TBH I don’t want anyone here who can support a woman who will lie about a skincare range being/in the process of being organic when it isn’t and says it so she will make more money- I don”t want to know anyone who supports such blatant dishonesty.

    • Well, why stay when you cannot say ANYTHING about the more important posts, you go and support your lying, fraudulent goddess πŸ™‚

  8. Oh and here is where Mr.Paparazzi saying he/ they are boring and nobody is interested- so why does he take their pics then? Think about it..

    Funny he says that really considering he spoke on the phone to Miranda not long before the “elopement” when she told him it wasnt going to be a long engagement. Yet he says he doesn’t care if they get engaged? Hmm… A pap shouldn’t be interested in taking pap pics of ANYONE who nobody is interested in because they are boring because the pap pics WONT SELL- savvy?

  9. I can’t comment all too much, butt load of work x.X But there is a video on youtube where she’s standing with the paps and they’re going through the photos that the pap took, and SHE is telling them which to delete and which to USE (she’s in an ill-fitted orangy-red dress). I can’t link it because work has youtube blocked ._. I also know there’s one of Orlando where he’s going through the photos with the paps, but I think he’s trying to get them to delete all of them (I don’t remember, but I don’t think she was with him, I may be wrong though).

    • Oh I would like to see that video. When you have time, please?

      • I hope this works as I’m pulling the URL off my cell, apologies if it doesn’t. It’s the Miranda one, it’s easier to find than the Orlando one.

      • Thanks Rik, I don’t remember this. One could argue that this was to do with VS but as the photographer says (sorry if I don’t get it word for word, my sound is lousy) “just delete the ones that make you look bad, all the girls do it”. This indicates that the paps let the celeb keep/delete which ever pictures they want. The paps are the big bad wolves, so why do this? She seems totally fine speaking with them, looking at the pictures etc. I don’t recall the photo’s that came from this but they all look like they are outside? So it could easilly be some kind of set-up. If it’s a set-up, she’s played along. If it isn’t a set-up she obviously doesn’t mind as I don’t see her telling them to delete any picture.

      • @ Kerrazy Lies It was at the 2010 VS Swimsuit line launch in March, outside the event. There’s even a few photos of her with the paparazzi guy as well.

        And here’s the Orlando one.

    • Thanks Rik. I remember this, it was a VS launch in LA of some months ago, around may/april.

  10. Well, there are people who feels reeeeeaaaalllll honor-bound(to their image of the dingho) that they HAVE to absolutely(unable to sleep at night otherwise) come debunk whatever facts presented here, even when *they* don’t have any of *their* facts to debunk with. There is blind worship and then there is the kind of worship that puts one so far up their ass, one can check the condition of their appendix. This may be a condition(and I said MAYBE) just one step away from killing the person worshipped to preserve them forever.

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