No Smoke Without Fire

Miranda the non smoking smoker.

The story:

According to Miranda’s publicist Carli – Kerr is not a smoker. That says to me that Miranda does not smoke and has never smoked (otherwise “not a smoker anymore” would have been said).

The proof:

Picture of Miranda and Orlando smoking in Gran Canaria and her holding a cigarette with some woman I’ve never seen before.

Miranda also caused controversy when she did a photo shoot for Vogue Italia as she was holding a lit cigarette – while pregnant! What that dedicated woman won’t do for a shoot eh!

The verdict:

Definitely a lie but I don’t get the point in lying. I think Miranda would have got more kudos if she had have admitted to smoking but quit for the baby in her ever growing belly but of course, Miranda wants everyone to think she lives this chemical free, natural, noni juice lifestyle as she preaches about it none stop, but I think that is far from the truth and a lot of people are disappointed in her for her hypocricy and lies. Of course, I have nothing against people who smoke but it’s the lying about it to make her out to be something she clearly isn’t.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on October 23, 2010.

12 Responses to “No Smoke Without Fire”

  1. I don’t care how virtuous you are but EVERYONE has an unhealthy vice from time to time. She has always smoked- yeah maybe she isnt now for the baby’s sake, but what is so bad about admitting you have smoked? FFS orlando smokes and i doubt he has given up, so what the hell does that make him in her eyes? Pathetic.

    • “EVERYONE has an unhealthy vice from time to tim” Not Miranda. She can even fight her cravings during pregnancy, I know many pregnant women who are unable to. She’s pregnant FFS, why can’t she just lighten to fuck up for once!

      • Because she is a boring, soulless piece of crap. Ignoring pregnancy cravings is pathetic. Her body is craving things for a reason. orlando must be exactly as boring and as soulless as she is. I couldnt stand to be around her for more than 30 seconds. She must have a golden vagina.

      • She imported the Aussie Vegamite(?). It least a lot of gossip sites say so.

      • Isn’t that a healthy craving. What happened to the cheese burgers? 😡

      • I couldnt stand to be around her for more than 30 seconds. She must have a golden vagina

        I am still laughing here!

      • @DEA hehehe 😉

  2. (If it’s possible delete the comment under ‘Riki’, this is why I shouldn’t be texting and typing at the same time ._. Sorry)

    I love how Carli says that she’s simply playing a role, as if she’s an actress.

    I remember when she made that comment on her FB saying she never smoked, and that it was a prop.

    I wonder if anyone ever asked her what her favorite alcoholic drink was she’d probably pull the same “never done it” card for it. Well… can always blame it on an overdose of noni juice that made her dance on the tables :X

  3. Hallo!

    I watch your side from the beginning and must smile again and again as Miranda and her people lies and is how easy to find it out. 🙂 Like this non-smoking lies e.g.

    My name is by the way Nicole and I come from Germany as you can see by mine IP (but please not publish the exact location).

    Every human lies, and it is even only white lies. You sleep with your friend (or husband/wife) and he/she asks you after this: “Was I good?” You would honestly say: “There are better ones”? In the morning you oversleep and as an excuse you say that you have been in the jam or the train has been late.

    I don’t want to defend Miranda with that because her lies are simply brazen and partly even highly dangerous. BTW, I’m a Fan of Orlando but no Fan of hers.

    For your assumption ‘Sonia’ would be Miranda:
    I also thought this. “Hit dogs bark” (‘getroffene Hunde bellen’, if another ones have a better translation) one says here in Germany. And this dingo has barked rather loudly! 😉

    Another German saying is by the way: “Lies have short legs” or the English saying is: “The truth will out.” Obviously Miranda doesn’t have any short legs – just like the famous lie baron of Munchhausen or even I myself – I merely mean with that, that every still so small lie comes to the light sooner or later (mostly sooner).

    And Orlando, if you read this here and feel now forced to defending your wife:
    Remove first your pink glasses and think about in which points she lies to YOU! Or whether she hadn’t told you the truth from at the beginning of your friendship or relation (too)?

    And I don’t mean the first of the above white lies now with that or, that the KORA cream which ones you smear into the face every day for you well is. BTW: take NIVEA Visage with Q10, this helps against wrinkles better (I use this one and there is also one for men). And these at least don’t claim anything which isn’t correct.

    And, dawns it at you now? Wonderfully, exactly I wanted this!

    This is namely even one of the claims which aren’t correct (at least since 2006) any more. Orlando has a computer and, in between, he has for certain learned to handle that too. Hadn’t he said at this dyslexia forum even some months ago that the computer helps him and he regrets to have already earlier used not him? But surely also gives for Orlando’s lies a side…

    • Welcome Nicole! Good to have you with us. Regarding “Sonia”, I think you are right that it was Miranda. “Sonia” started off with “hey” and I’ve seen Miranda do that lots of times. I don’t start off with “hey” and I know so many others that don’t either so it’s not as if everyone does it coupled with the fact that “Sonia” took it way too personal.

      • And so we can if necessary blame either Noni or the hormones for it… Or both. 😉

        I myself cannot claim of myself either that I was non-smoker for my whole life. I have smoked in my life one single cigarette with 15 and after that I had an asthma amount and said to myself: “No, never again.”

        I must into bed now. 🙂

  4. She has always smoked. Apart from the photographic evidence that there is, she has been seen smoking by tons of people.
    Most if not all models smoke to help keep their weight down, looking at Miranda she has obviously smoked to do the same, she is a typical model imo, she has probably done more than smoking. Don’t get why people buy into her “healthy lifestyle” crap again she is very bloated at times in the face- and this was long before she was pregnant- and that can only be the following: drugs, alcohol, kidney problems, bad diet/high salt intake, bad circulation due to lack of exercise.

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