KORA v EcoCert Update

I emailed EcoCert last night to inform them of KORA claiming their pending certification with EcoCert and sent them a link to the blog post claiming the pending cert, this is the reply I got today:

All we have to do now is get the popcorn and see what happens but I feel, even if Miranda and her team don’t mention the organic cert any more, no one will notice as she has mentioned it enough already. Don’t really understand why Miranda hasn’t applied for the cert if the cert is possible but hey ho.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on October 20, 2010.

31 Responses to “KORA v EcoCert Update”

  1. I don’t see why she had to even claim that her skincare line was 100% certified organic or even the process of being certified. She could have just said that certain ingredients are 100% certified instead.

  2. I think that she will be asked about it but ignores or deletes this posts. If other blogs/sites spread the truth even the shippers can’t ignore it. But no doubt they will buy it because MK recommends it. Sad.

  3. I LOVE YOU!!!

    Well done. Seriously this shows what we have been saying all along, that she really does LIE.ALL.THE.TIME!! I do agree that the people that buy her stuff- the people on facebook ie the sad impressionable teenagers- won’t get to see all this or know she has lied about it, but there is no way of getting it there because she watches that place like a hawk and it will only be deleted.

    But for me, I think it is proof of what we have always said about her, people who buy into her fake image etc are blind, naive and deluded, just because Orlando is with her- for whatever reason doesn’t make her a perfect, good person, one could argue he doesn’t know about a lot of her lies and what she really is, still, when the shit hits the fan and they divorce I will be interested to see who the “shippers” side with.

    Off topic I know, but after seeing her photos today showing her anus, I have to say she has reached an all time low, that is bordering on pornography and utterly sick, that is not a good, sweet woman who would do such a thing, trust me on that. Se should be ashamed. What next? Vag shots? Sex tape that’s made and leaked on purpose. She has proven to me at least she is capable of anything because she has NO LIMITS. Great mother material.

    • I don’t mind tasteful nudity, but the photos of her ass/anus, that was just repulsive.

      • I agree. She is a model so of course each of us is not surprised by nude pics but when they are tastefully done it is one thing, in this case they are just tacky, sort of soft porn. Really senseless and not artistic at all.

      • Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Miss Angelic once claim that she felt violated with nude pictures? I remember her going on about feeling violated when it comes to nude pictures of herself.

    • It could be Rik. She also said she didn’t want to mix work and professional life when Orlando missed the VS fashion show to go to voyeur…she says many things and lies most of the time.

  4. Well done!
    Hope Eco Cert will do what it takes to end this deception!
    And I agree on her last pics, totally tacky and tasteless.

  5. Glad to be of service 😀 Seriously, a small part of me was expecting EC to get back to me and say they’d made a mistake and she had put in a request but honestly, this info is so easy to find out, I genuinely didn’t expect this at all but I’m very glad I emailed them. I’m also very surprised no one has really come over for a rant at me but really, what could they say? I kind of do feel sorry for all the people she has fooled, lied to and duped.

    I agree with you Nef, her anus is scraping the bottom of the barrel lol Seriously, what child is going to be OK with their mommies tits, ass and anus on show for everyone to see and not just once but countless of times. Poor child, I don’t know how anyone can think this kind of thing is good or OK to do!

    • Seeing as she got paid to show her ass/anus, why not just go full monty and venture into porn. I’m still surprised she hasn’t had a sex tape yet (or was there, I remember something being mentioned), especially after the house robbery.

      • Yes, that’s curious! I was expecting some scandalous tape too after the burglary…But it was enough to hear her ex bfs comments on her, even though I have to say adrien camilleri stopped bashing on her after a while…I guess they warned him…

      • Not sure if we should give her any ideas. LOL
        Will it be her’ treasuring herself’? Twosome with Orlando? Or another guy? Greasy Bear? Threesome with Orlando and a busty blonde? Or Orlando watching MK and the busty blond?

      • Yes there was a sex tape mentioned after the robbery, I THINK it could have been an Australian Magazine that mentioned it, so who knows if that will get “leaked accidentally by the robbers” at some point in the future (ie when their attention dries up). However saying that if the robbers found a sex tape I am sure they would have mentioned it maybe?

        Years ago if someone had of said to me that orlando would make a sex tape I would vehemently disagree, now? I wouldn’t be surprised or shocked one bit. if she has been his fuckbuddy at any stage you just KNOW she would probably have no limits, so I am sure he would take full advantage of that, after all that is what effbuddies are all about.

        After seeing her anus today (ffs!) I think she is capable of anything in that way.

      • If there is a sex tape, I doubt its Orlando with MK…or busty blonde.

      • So, you’re expecting MK watching O with V? Mystic! LOL

      • @Choco- I doubt a classy man like V would want to be in the same room as MK. Much less want her watching him take O from behind.

      • Ah, you could be right Mystic. I doubt that V could ever get THAT drunk. LOL

    • A sex tape? really?Didn’t hear nor read about that but I am not surprised…..so clichè….

  6. BAHAHAHA! Brilliant. You’re amazing.

  7. Hmm I wonder if we will know if Team KORA has received any email about this. Or better will MK talk about it on her Facebook.

    • I would bet that KORA will get mail from them. Making up that they are in a progress to get a certificate isn’t ‘nice’. And I doubt that we will hear something from MKs side.

      • I agree with you there. There is no way is hell will MK reveal what would be tantamount to a bitchslap from EcoCert to her adoring minions. That would mean that she’s have to actually ADMIT to doing wrong.

      • The problem is that MK can’t say that she said something wrong. Remember the Churchhill quote? Even after people pointed out that she hadn’t given credit she couldn’t stand up and say ‘Sorry’ and added the source. She deleted every comment that pointed it out. I remember that some people did screencaps… Maybe the girls at Delphi?

      • I somewhat remember the Churchhill controversy. She was trying to make it like it was a quote she came up with herself, no?

      • She quoted Churhhill and didn’t mention it. People called her out on this and she deleted the posts. The shippers of course were going on like it didn’t matter. For me it’s really bad behaviour not to give proper credit esp. when you ‘steal’ from such an obvious source and people calling you out on it. I can’t understand what’s so hard on saying that she quoted another person?

      • I totally remember this! I think she has quoted Rudyard Kipling also. Because she is full of “affirmations” she quotes these intellectual people and wants people to think she has come up with this stuff herself. She’s not saying these quotes are from her but she’s not saying they aren’t but as her book will be full of her affirmations crap, I think she wants people to think they are from her own brain. Can’t wait to see if these quotes appear in her book without proper credit.

      • Then I wonder if any of these “affirmation” quotes from others will be appearing in her book without credit.

      • Me thinks that this could be why it has taken so long. They must have looked up for the sources to give proper credit. LOL
        Wheren’t there a blogger who tried to find out from whom she has stolen?

      • I have a screencap of what I think was the Churchill quote. If you want it, I’ll go back and remove my info from it, because I commented telling her to credit. Shocking though it is, my comment was deleted.

  8. This is amazing! So funny that they are getting onto them about it. The house of cards.. is it about to start falling? Card by card?

    • Yes, the house of cards can collapse faster than one thinks… 😉

      I myself was witness in a process against a ‘Hotel’ here in Germany some months ago which illegitimately claimed (by a badge at the door) to have been recommended by the ADAC (this is a car club here in Germany). The problem was, this recommendation was already 20 years old and wasn’t valid in between anymore because the hotel was rather a dosshouse and therefore wasn’t in the Guide Michelin any more. And these recommendations of the ADAC only receive hotels or restaurants in the GM. The hotel received a caution; didn’t react to it and so the ADAC went in front of court…

      I think the EcoCert for certain also sees it rather narrow and reacts correspondingly.

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