Hope The Grease Stains Come Out!

Did they, didn’t they – no one will ever know but you sure don’t wrap your arm around someone like this if you “didn’t”. This was back in 2007 when Miranda and Bandon Davis, aka Greasy Bear, were seen leaving boutique Diavolina in LA (don’t forget, she was supposedly seeing Orlando at this point, how nice she cosies up to another guy). Brandon, ex of Lindsay Lohan, friend of Paris Hilton, two known druggies. Why, oh why would Miranda Kerr, such a sweet, innocent, natural girl want to know such a racist, homophobic, notorious drug user and “nasty piece of work”? I’m sure there are a few possible theories that I don’t need to mention. They were never seen together again after that.


2008. The rumor was, Miranda and Orlando had broken up and she fell back into his greasy arms. There were sightings of them…

An eye witless says they were “full on making out” at 1Oak. Orlando’s ex was also spotted kissing Greasy at Beatrice Inn later that night. “They didn’t seem to care who saw,” the witness reveals. Miranda’s rep denies the breakup with Orlando, yet the model was overheard telling Brandon about the split.

Now, I have a problem with this. If Miranda’s rep denied the break up then why not deny them making out? That leads me to believe this story is true regardless if there was a break-up or not. The funny thing is, the Kerr’s ran to her defence:

Kerr’s brother, Matthew, says, “We were just out with a few other friends from Australia having a good time and we bumped into Brandon while we were at 10ak. They have been friends for a while and we just said hi, chatted for a bit and that was it. There definitely wasn’t any kissing – nothing could be further from the truth.”
Kerr’s mother adds, “I realise there is an interest in people who are in the spotlight, but I just can’t believe how far from the truth it gets. Miranda and Orlando have never been closer and are happier right now more so than ever. He’s meeting her in Paris next week.”
Wow Therese, careful you don’t give out any private details about the couples whereabouts, otherwise your stalked-by-the-paps daughter and her beau will get no privacy at all…. ah shucks, too late!
Now, there isn’t anything wrong with Miranda getting with another guy if she was single (if they had broke up) but her rep and her family deny the break-up, her rep does not deny the “making out” rumor at all and that is her job. Her family would naturally run to her defense and, Matty being as greasy as Brandon, wouldn’t snitch on him and his sister.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on October 20, 2010.

8 Responses to “Hope The Grease Stains Come Out!”

  1. Oh I totally believe she hooked up with Brandon Davis…and Gerard Butler, her ex Jay, Jared Followay, some married rich LA business man, some business school student in Oz all while with Orlando. I could keep going but those are the ones I have read about. It is possible for any of them to be the real baby daddy. On the other hand, Orlando has had the same long term boyfriend through out this.

  2. I think there was something funny going on with all that. Even if her and Orlando was real, why would you fuck or flirt with Brandon Davis to make Orlando jealous? That does not make a very healthy relationship does it?

    If her and Orlando were fuckbuddies then who would WANT to eff her after Brandon davis? ew!! And if she is “just friends” with him then she is obviously a very close one to be walking arms round one another and then close enough for people to say you were making out, and well the guy is a horrible individual as is stated, and that says a lot about her.

  3. She doesn’t have the history of having the greatest (or cleanest) friends anyway. …Whatvever get’s her name out there, I say..

  4. There is no way people are going to make shit up about a panty model and a horrible human being they aren’t “cared about” enough, so I think it was true. She seems the type to “get around” with men so I can see her having sex with guys like him when she “bumps into them”. We saw what she was like with Jared Followill, her foot on his shoulder, walking with him with her hand on the back of his neck, and what looked like his hand on/near her ass- that is going much further than “just friends” that is a kind of intimate thing to do. Also them rushing to her aid to the papers makes it look like they are protesting too much and it was true-idiots.

  5. It just makes me shudder at the mere thought of her having relations with Davis.

    The denials came way too fast when it happened, obvious damage control to make it look like the happy couple is still happily together. And it’s ALWAYS coming from her family. You never hear a peep from Orlando’s.

    • Because Orlando’s family knows when to mind their business and not blab. Honestly, Miranda is a grown woman and still needs her mom and brother to defend her? Sad.

      • That is true. It was a situation she was in, it should of been down to her to talk for herself.

      • Quite true. She should be able to defend herself. Then again, if none of what took place with Davis (or any other man for that matter) was true, then why even comment or even deny it.

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