Anyone remember this screen grab I posted a few days ago (original blog post)? It says KORA is currently (and has been for a while as we all know) in the process of being certified organic by EcoCert.

I wondered why KORA was taking so long to be certified so I emailed EcoCert directly to ask them when it would be certified, this is what I sent:

This, to my genuine surprise was the reply I received:

I swear to God, I did not expect this but this explains 100% why KORA has been in the process for so long. For those who do not believe me, I challenge you to email EcoCert yourselves. Skincare comes under “cosmetics” before anyone says I emailed the wrong department. Now, this is a HUGE lie and has me wondering if there are ANY organic ingredients in this at all, after all, who is going to find out now?

~ by Kerrazy Lies on October 20, 2010.


  1. WOAH!

    I wonder why she hasn’t entered it for the certification?

    She makes it too easy. Again, we aren’t the ones who are lying here hence the title of the blog.

  2. Mwahahahahah. TYPICAL! LMFAO…Someone should let her Kora FB buttbuddies know before someone else slathers this shit on their face. They’re going to wind up looking as old and wrinkled as OB before long..

  3. WOW.

    I wonder with this being questioned to EcoCert, will they actually take a look at Kora now.

  4. I am not surprised I have to say, nothing she does surprises me anymore. I wonder if ecocert know that she is saying it is in the process when it isn’t?

    @mel I don’t think it would be on her facebook for two seconds before it got deleted, and she moderates every blog post so it wouldn’t get through there either.

    Good thinking for emailing them!!

  5. Thanks 🙂 I agree with Calp that the information wouldn’t be on the Facebook long enough for anyone to see it but I really don’t think it would put anyone off buying it anyway because to buy her shit you’d have to kind of like her in the first place. Some of her “supporters” know she lies already but it obviously doesn’t put them off her one iota.

  6. I actually read that with a open mouth. But liek you say, explains why no cert after probably 2 years in the making. People are really wasting their money buying that jizz juice. Good find, wonder how wonder dog Frankie will get her out of it LOL

    • Wonder dog hehe. Granted I’m a dog lover, but when I read about Frankie being a ball of white light, a healer and that was her mission on earth, all I could think about was “but doesn’t Miranda just use Frankie as an accessory?” I guess she could be a white ball of light accessory. It’d go with Miranda’s Orlando handbag.

  7. Mwahahahahaha!!!

    Oh this is too much. Wow.

  8. She has said that kora is in the process of being certified and the company follows the strict guidelines of Eco cert, she may follow the guidelines but might not be up to that stage of certifying them yet? Maybe she might not even be certifying her products through Ecocert but through another company? Just thinking out aloud…….
    What do you think?

    • Frederick, your comment did not show up because ALL first time comments need to be approved and I’m just not online 24/7 to approve them, sorry.

      She has stated EcoCert ARE the company.
      She has been claiming KORA is in the process of being certified for at least 6 months.
      EcoCert say she has not requested a certification for KORA at all.

      Thanks for your input but I’m sorry to say your ideas don’t fit.

    • Yeah Frederick way out!

      She stated it is IN THE PROCESS OF BEING VERIFIED- that means she is waiting for them to certify it, she also even stated that she was just waiting for the paperwork to be completed not so long ago from Ecocert, there is only one ecocert.

      In fact here is the proof also from Therese Kerr:

      “I am so lucky that Miranda has now created a range of skin care that is in the process of being certified organic – it has been formulated to meet the requirements – all we need is the paperwork process to be finalised and KORA will be certified organic.”

      When something is in the process of being certified that means you are waiting to hear from the people who are certifying it as organic, and ONLY ECOCERT does that as that is the company Miranda named.

      Also this has been in the “process” according to miranda since AT LEAST March this year as you can see here:

      There is NO WAY getting certified organic would take SEVEN MONTHS if all the paperwork was with ecocert, sorry- BUT THEY ARE DENYING ANY CONTACT OR REQUEST FROM MIRANDA OR KORA TO MAKE KORA ORGANIC-YET MIRANDA IS SAYING OTHERWISE-END OF.

      All the proof is there, this cant really be spun into anything else, thing is she is a proven liar, and this is one of her biggest lies, she is in essence lying to people so they will buy her product, how is that a good, honest, “be true to yourself” person? Why cant she just be honest- just once? Will it really hurt.

  9. How come my post isn’t up?

  10. Great! Now I expect some shippers coming here and mend this up for her…LOL

  11. Why did you not put my comment up??? I’m defending her I was just telling it how it could be…..
    This blog sucks.

  12. LMAO
    This is the biggest and fatest lie EVER! Wonder if EcoCert will go after her if enough people emailing them and pointing out her lie? Or is there another company which label she could have ask for? We know that she knows nothing about her own company. What a laughing stock she is.
    Thanks for emailing them.

  13. Wow – just wow.
    It always amazes me how easily her lies are busted.

  14. Betcha it makes no nevermind to her shippers. She’d probably be able to bottle messiah-whitelighter-Frankie’s turd, infused with water that has been “energized with love” from rose-crystal, and sell it to them as miracle mud and they’d buy it.

  15. Oh, this is just too good. I’m not exactly surprised though.

  16. Who’s laughing now? The products are now certified organic!!

    • Erm… us actually. Because KORA is now only certified because of us finding her fraudulent lies and reporting her to EcoCert. KORA then had to spend money to get certified, go through the lengthy process and (I believe) had to change some ingredients to be able to be certified which was more cost. We are the ones laughing because if we hadn’t have forced her hand, she would still be lying to you all that KORA was certified when it wasn’t. I’m very pleased with the result thank you 🙂

      I take it you don’t really get the point that she lied to all her lovely fans just to take your money?

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