Is Lying Contagious?

Orlando was meant to be a guest on Wetten Das in Germany to promote “The Three Musketeers” with Milla Jovovich on 2nd October.

The story:

Orlando apparently rang the show the night before to say he would not be attending because he had re-shoots for the film but that very same day he was papped in Paris with his wife with the ever growing belly, Miranda (getting the Eurostar to England), then he was papped in England. When the subject of Orlando’s absence was brought up on the show, Milla looked quite pissed off and corrected the interviewer by saying he was not there as he was spending time with his wife (after which Milla and the interviewer sarcastically pointed out their partners in the audience). I know of some people who spent a lot of money on tickets to the show just to see Orlando and he canceled with a lie!

The proof:

Out and about in gay Paree.

Arriving in London on the Eurostar.

Both the same day he should have been on Wetten Das.

The verdict:

Orlando was not working. Appearing on the show would not have taken up much of his time so he still could have spent time with Miranda. He either couldn’t be assed to do promo for his WORK or he is on a very tight lead. Some fans were saying he left to go to the UK because of the bomb alert BUT the UK was on high alert also so that spin does not hold water. End verdict – 100% LIE!

~ by Kerrazy Lies on October 19, 2010.

12 Responses to “Is Lying Contagious?”

  1. You could tell that Milla was choosing her words carefully as well (the MK/OB shippers jumped Milla though on “she should mind her own business!”)

    • She should mind her own business? Even though it’s her husband who emplyed him in the film? Wow… just, wow!

      • I guess they feel as if Milla is broadcasting their private life, after all she did make the announcement on Twitter regarding the baby. I think Milla announced it before a full translation of Miranda’s Spain Vogue issue was done.

    • They didn’t tell the same when Milla posted a pic of her and orlando on her twitter announcing the pregnancy of his wife for him!

  2. I think Orlando could have asked Milla to mention the baby- the timing was too weird. Milla tweeting it and the PEOPLE announcement was in a minute or 2 of each other, that would be a huge coincidence. Maybe Orlando knew when PEOPLE were going “live” with the pregnancy announcement and wanted something from “his side” without having to say anything. Orlando seems good at passing the buck. It was a more subtle way of doing it having Milla mention it on twitter. I take the PEOPLE announcement of the vogue spain article as being “her side”.

  3. Anyway, yes this was a total lie because the lie was found out to be a lie, no matter what anyone wants to say, he has NO reason not to be there and he lied as to why he pulled out.

    He is so unprofessional and I wonder whether Paul S Anderson had second thoughts about hiring him after that. It was unfair to leave Milla in the lurch like that having to deal with it all on her own, he must have known that why he wasnt there would be mentioned. Why the hell should she lie for him when he is using her husbands movie as an excuse to pull out of promoting her husbands movie??

  4. Man, Orlando’s heading into Has-Been Land so fast, I can hear the roadrunner going ‘beep beep’. To’ve worked so hard in the start of his career and had so much potential, to now whoring his showmance and turning into a ‘model’. I really never thought he’d fall so low…

  5. I am very disappointed that Orlando did this as he did it so blatantly. Kind of like a two fingers up at Milla, her hubby and the fans. I don’t get what has happened to him tbh, it angered me that he “supported” her at her Vogue night and her Balenciaga catwalk, yet when it came to his work it was “spending time with his pregnant wife” and a big stuff you to his work. NICE.

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