New Age

I’ve only known Miranda since she started dating Orlando so don’t know how far back this lie goes, but when they got together Miranda was lying about her age. She stated on her official site she was born in 1985 when, in reality, she was born in 1983 (scroll down to “birthdate”). While lots of women lie about their age, why do it when it can be so easily found out, and all for the sake of two years. Matty, her twin/not twin brother was born in 1985 so how could she be born in April of 1985 also? That is physically impossible! Miranda was outed lots of times by people who attended her 21st birthday party and everyone knew about the “Dolly Magazine” story and how old she was then etc so it was a pretty dumb move when all the information is out there for people with half a brain to do the math.

Still don’t believe me? Well watch the lie spill out of Miranda’s own mouth (thanks Rik). For those who can’t do the math. The video was from 2004 and Miranda says she is 19. Born in 1983 does not make you 19 in 2004, it makes you 21.

This may be a “little white lie” but how those little white lies have escalated into whoppers!

~ by Kerrazy Lies on October 18, 2010.

23 Responses to “New Age”

  1. The only way she could be born in 1985 is if her brother was born in 1987.

    Gotta love the fact that she never bothered to even correct her old official site though on the birth year.

  2. I don’t get why only two years, but I think in the modeling world it matters. I wonder if she lied to Orlando too about her age? I wouldn’t be surprised, but yes stupid thing to do considering all of the proof was there for people to work out MORONDUHHHH!!!!

  3. Am I wrong, but wasnt there some debate about whether the actual month she gave as her DOB was real? I dont get why anyone lies about their age but even dumber when anyone can find out the truth.

  4. Is there anything she doesn’t lie about?

    I know a lot of celebrities lie about their age, but this isn’t just one lie as this blog proves.

  5. Hey, I find it interesting that the same people comment on here on each entry you make. It seems like you are making up names yourself and entering comments. Are you jealous? Did Miranda hurt your feelings. Would your mother be proud of you for all the nice work you are doing to bring someone else down or don’t you give a shit? No one wants to listen to you and your stupidity as everyone can see through you and you are gutless in that you don’t provide your name and hide behind some website blog pretending to be other people posting. Good luck with your life, you certainly have no idea about karma. The universe is going to be good to you, yeah right (ha ha). I can say that you have created a nice looking site though, you have spent a lot of time on it so you must really be pissed at Miranda for something or have a lot of time on your hands precious! enjoy being a bitch you gutless little piece of shit. Put your name up on the site precious and don’t be such a coward continually cowering behind the web.

    • IP : – LA.

      Wow, seems I’ve hit a nerve somewhere. If karma is going to be a bitch to me, then what is it going to do to Miranda who can’t stop the lies? I didn’t spend a lot of time on this blog actaully, just chose a layout and voila. I also don’t create any posters here as I don’t care if people post or not, I wanted to expose all her lies in one place. A lot of the people who post here use the same names all over the net so bang goes your theory. The point here is that Miranda is the liar, no one else and a lot of people wanted this here – look at all the hits I’ve got already, quite a lot for a blog no one wants to read. You seem to be taking this all too personally, wonder why. My mother would be proud of me yes, I don’t like liars and like to show people for what they are. Your posts will be deleted from now on but thanks for dropping by.

    • Hey! I find it interesting that people come out of their way to come here and have a go! It takes effort to find this place and then click on the link, then read and then comment to have a moan. Hypocrite much?

      Listen, the lies are all there, some are rather potentially dangerous like the Noni juice findings and painful like the benzyl alcohol in her Kora products to people with sensitive skin and eczema, the rest is all just amazingly pathetic why she has to lie so much over the simplest of things. So we have decided to post them up in one place as a few people had requested it, so we thought it was a good idea, a one stop place if you will, so people can reminisce and wonder why the hell she does it.

      In my world, honesty is the best policy, I detest liars, and yes I also like to out liars, especially when the said liar in this case rants on about “honesty and truth”- obviously she is even lying about that! So she is the one who will get the Karma, we are just posting up the stuff she has done and said, the rest is all “odd things” like the post about Orlando going to Voyeur instead of his true loves BIG NIGHT! Again they are all facts, nothing is made up, it is all- AS IS.

      Why should anyone be jealous of a panty model who is up the duff with a baby? A woman that LIES about almost everything- a woman who could only get her PR fuck buddy to marry her because she got pregnant- because he would never have married her anyway! MAN- I could never be jealous of that, I have a tiny amount of pity for Miranda as it goes, because that has to hurt, no matter how happy she says she is, how can you be truly happy that it took an “accidental” pregnancy to get him to marry her?

      To put it simpler: if there was nothing out there and she never lied etc, then this blog wouldn’t exist. Simple as that right? For all your venom and personal attacking Miranda herself has made all this possible.

      Oh, and how is LA ? I haven’t been for a few months.

      Now what would the great philospher Miranda Kerr say to you “Sonia”- oh yes something like -Ignore all of it and calm down, do some yoga to de-stress as you don’t want high blood pressure now do you? Maybe take some noni juice too to get rid of all that negativity you have and spray your face with Kora face mist to cool that red hot angry face of yours.. Like Miranda also says “everything happens for a reason”.

    • Precious? HAHA, you sound like Gollum. But if you are Miranda that makes total sense.

    • Somethings are worth every single second you have to ‘waste’ on it. 😉 But I wonder why you are here and wasting yours?

    • ‘Sonia’, please learn to punctuate correctly. As if you didn’t sound like a moron to begin with, that just makes it much worse.

  6. I’m going to keep this short and sweet as I’m at work (I know it must be shocking, I actually have a job and a life, the horror!)

    If you don’t approve of the blog ‘Sonia’, why even bother coming here and posting? What’s the point?

    Not everyone is going to be bowing down to Miranda’s feet, not everyone is going to like her. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of her. Everyone who posts on here just see her in a different light. Everyone doesn’t have to see her as the pure, innocent angel that she tries to portray herself as. She’s hardly that, she has a sketchy past, and continues to be sketchy even in the present.

  7. Well, Sonia (not your real name; we’ll just call you pot) I’ll be a contrarian and say while I disagree with just about everything you say, come back and say it. But you’ll be more effective if you can refute the statements rather than going all argument ad hominem.

  8. At the age lie new questions then raise themselves just again:

    Miranda’s first pictures were in this magazine with 13.

    13 are meant with year of birth 1983 or with year of birth 1985 now; was she 13 or even already for 15 years? Or she was 13 and had bought herself on 11? This then would explain something, though, because such photos are surely popular with pedophiles (see the article at ‚DUH‘).

  9. Not to bring up an old topic, but just further proof to back up the age question, if you can go by the year for this video, it says 2004 and in the video she clearly states her age as 19. source

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