Stealing From The Rich To Give To The Richer

Miranda’s ex, Adrian Camilleri, was arrested for fraud. The said fraud was apparently going on while he was with Miranda.

The story:

Camilleri says he  embezzled money to shower Miranda with lavish gifts which included a grand piano and $10k worth of plane tickets. He was arrested as he failed to repay a $123k loan to lenders introduced to him by Therese Kerr (alarm bells). Therese introduced Camilleri and Taylors (where he never paid back a short-term loan which he borrowed in 2005), and the broker feared that she would direct other referred investors to withdraw their funds if his fraud was disclosed.

The proof:

Google it. It’s all over the net!

The verdict:

Miranda and Adrian split in 2004. Therese was giving Adrian contacts in 2005. The whole Kerr family apparently disproved of Adrian yet Therese was giving him contacts/clients even AFTER he split from her daughter? Are we also to believe Miranda knew nothing about this fraudulent behavior? They were engaged after all. He spent most the money he stole on her. Did she ever wonder where the money came from? Did she ever tell him to stop buying such gifts? I guess not. I mean, Miranda wasn’t poor at this stage, she could have easily bought all these things herself, maybe her greed took over or maybe he had to keep her in the manner to which she had become accustomed. Adrian seems not to be on good terms with Miranda as he was reported calling her a “slut”. Wonder why he has such bad feelings for her. After all, if he was bitter about the break-up I don’t think he would have anything to do with the Kerr’s at all (eg accepting contacts from Therese) and vice versa. Could he be bitter that he is taking all the blame? Who knows. It’s odd that Miranda was not involved with the trial as she should have given evidence to Adrians behavior, spending habits etc The jury is still out on this one but I think most of us know when something in the milk aint clean regarding our partners, especially if our family is involved too.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on October 16, 2010.

3 Responses to “Stealing From The Rich To Give To The Richer”

  1. Great topic!

    This has always had me going “Hmmm!!” because it all STINKS to high heaven, so Miranda meets this older (unattractive) guy, what the hell would she see in a guy like him? Let’s be honest, looking at Jay and Orlando- looks obviously matter to her. Anyway, she gets with him then she introduces him to her family, they don’t like him but Therese gets him a lot of clients and Miranda gets engaged to the guy ( and considering they were only together for 18 months, it had to be a quick!) and he showers her with OTT gifts, (which any decent woman would say “You dont have to keep buying me all this”) and paying for airfair to get her started on her modeling in NY. Now where did she think he was getting all of this money REALLY if she had no idea about the fraud? Sorry but she must’ve known surely? She obviously lived with the guy so she mustve known especially with Therese being involved.

    I doubt we will ever find out but I dont think they are all innocent in this and funny how Adrian goes from calling her a slut very publically to all of a sudden saying NOTHING about her. wonder what his cost was? 😉

    Also the timeline also shows how she hasnt had a break from men, she was with Adrian from 2003 into 2004, then got with Jay, then immediately got with orlando with no breaks in between, the guys she has been with and is with now must be dumb as rocks.

  2. This totaly stinks. It looks like to me that they had him do the donkey work of stealing the money, Miranda took the gifts, he took the rap when he got caught, theyve paid him off to keep quiet. Only my opinion of course but like I said, it stinks with the fact that she took, took, took and with her comment of “living the life” it seems she is obsessed with her lifestyle.

  3. Tome she shows as one of those women who take without asking. As long as they get what they want it doesn’t matter from where the money comes to pay it.
    The Kerr’s were lucky enough that they’re not gotten sued for this. If you are involved in something like this the victims go the ones who knew about it and noone can say they really didn’t know. As far as I remember beyoned the victims were friends form Therese.

    The famous %*#!@ pic:

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