Mommy Dearest

Recently, on Miranda’s official Facebook and KORA Facebook, “Therese” came on to talk to people and answer their questions. After a while, “Therese” signed off as “Miranda”. Why would the real Therese Kerr do this?

The story:

The F/B comment where “Therese” slipped up was deleted. When challenged as to why it was deleted, “Therese” said she did it by mistake as she doesn’t know how to use F/B properly. To delete a comment you press “delete” – what else does she think pressing delete will do? Delete is delete the whole world over!

The proof:


The verdict:

Miranda pretending to be her mother!! Why? Could it simply be so she could talk to people without looking so sad that she is on Facebook so much rabbiting on about herself and KORA and forgot she was pretending to be Therese? Sounds most likely. Either that or Therese has pretended to be Miranda so much she forgot she was meant to be herself. Either way it doesn’t add up to anything but a lie. The other possible explanation and the most likely as to why Miranda was pretending to be her mother is because Miranda was meant to be on her Honeymoon at the exact same time and well, you know you shouldn’t really be on F/B while on your honeymoon! Think about it, do you sign off as other people by accident? I know I don’t!!

ETA: This is happened again but this time the other way round. It was meant to be Miranda chatting on Facebook but signed off as Therese. There’s definitely some lying going on here as to who is actually posting but I really don’t think it’s Miranda 100% of the time so she is deceiving her fans who think they are chatting to her.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on October 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “Mommy Dearest”

  1. I always did wonder whether it was Therese posting most of the time rather than Miranda, but then I saw Miranda talking with her old school chums etc and also they seemed to know a lot of stuff only Miranda would know, not even her mother, so I came to the conclusion that it is Miranda all the time, especially now she has nothing better to do.

    This particular incident you are posting of was only cemented even more for me that it was indeed miranda posting on facebook even though she was meant to be on honeymoon when Orlando was spotted in santa monica by a legit photographer who spoke with him and was introduced to him when they were still meant to be “on honeymoon”, and lets face it going up the road from where you live in Los Angeles cannot be classed as being on a honeymoon, especially when he wasn’t with Miranda at that time either!

    I think it is a simple case of them not being together even though they are pretending to be and/or not exactly interacting all that much when they are together in private, case in point- Miranda has “apparently” (we dont know 100% for sure) been staying in Henley recently, now she was going on facebook betwen the hours of 12-5am, and one night was on and off between those hours all night, so we are to believe that her and Orlando share a bed, and he is fine about her being online ALL NIGHT? I don’t think so. More like he is in the land of nod, in another room altogether, as that would explain her being on during the night while she has been in Henley but being on facebook nearly every day.

    Speaking of which she posted about 20 minutes ago, that is 5am German time 🙂

    She is a sad little girl who just wants people to constantly praise her and make her feel important, she has obviously became addicted to all of that, and while she has nothing to do and may feel lonely, she is going on there. What a sad life for a newly married, pregnant woman, I wouldn’t swap with her for the world!

    If she is pregnant then it isn’t very good because she should be getting rest for the babies sake!!

  2. I Looooooooooove this site…. ^_^ Keep up the good work! 😀

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