Henna Lielights

Recently on Miranda’s official KORA Blog, she stated she used Henna on her hair because she does not use chemicals like ammonia. This is infact…. you guessed it…. bullshit. Henna do not do “highlights” so how do you get the highlights you have quite a lot? They do hair colorant but not highlights. To “lighten” your hair, bleach/ammonia must be used, otherwise you cannot lighten/lift hair. So, Miranda, you aren’t as natural as you are making out. You are actually allowed to use bleach/ammonia you know.

Why lie over something so, so silly?

Also, didn’t Miranda go blonde quite recently? Didn’t she say she went blonde because the people on a shoot lightened her eyebrows? Instead of bleaching your hair, why not just dye your eyebrows back to the darker shade? At least then, you don’t have to use those evil chemicals on your oh-so natural hair. (thanks to Rik for the reminder)

~ by Kerrazy Lies on October 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “Henna Lielights”

  1. I understand why she lies about stuff like this, now she has a “natural and organic” (ha!) range she wants to come across like she is natural in every way, which we know is a lie in itself, this girl smoked and drunk like anyone else, and she obviously has to use strong bleaches/ammonia in products to lift her hair in the places she has those lighter brown highlights, but that doesn’t fit with the image she thinks she now has to have.

    I will never believe she is as healthy and natural as she says she is, as not that long ago she was looking emaciated, far too skinny and had no muscle tone, her body was telling everyone that she was starving herself in someway and not exercising as she was beginning to get muscle wastage in her thighs. So therefore she cant have been folooiwng what she preaches to all and sundry. Also as a model I am very sure that the girl has done some drugs at some point, in the modeling world it is rife, she smoked she drank, so why not do the drugs? It keeps her going when shes is tired and stops the hunger pangs for when she has to look her best, not saying she was ever addicted but going by the statistics of who takes drugs in modeling circles I would say the chances are exceedingly high. It is a quick and easy fix for a young woman who needs to fly to 3 countries in as many days without eating right because she needs to look skinny in her shoots.

    And for all she preaches about her skincare range, her yoga and healthy eating and noni juice, her skin looks like crap- she has terrible premature aging, and already has sagging, and for a 27 year old girl who professes to live healthy, that is very wrong, also she has very greasy skin, yet she professes her Kora range helps balance that, and obviously it doesnt. For a healthy living girl who apparently eats only healthy foods, her face is very bloated, and usually bloating of the face is due to bad diet, drugs or alcohol. So she isnt being entirely truthful along the way!

  2. Not to mention when she went blonde, close up shots of her hair (I think it was from a VS event), you could see the damage to the ends (looked straw-like). Unless she’s claiming she used Henna to lighten her hair then as well.

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