Certified Organic?

KORA. Organic Skincare by Miranda Kerr. So organic that it contains many acids in 99% of the range (excluding Rosehip Oil – that is 100% natural).

The story:

KORA seems to be taking forever to become Certified Organic. I’d say, KORA has been in the making and for sale for at least two years (as Therese says she has been working on KORA few years), plenty of time to become certified and, in my opinion, should have became certified before selling it to the public. Miranda and her “KORA team” (i.e mommy, Matty and Tammy) say it is Certified Organic but none of her products bare the “Certified Organic” logo they should, otherwise she should not be claiming it as such. At this moment in time, KORA has *some* Certified Organic ingredients but it is not Certified as a whole. Also, KORA seems to be certified one minute, then not the next.

The proof:

As you can see from the screengrabs below, whether KORA is certified or not changes. Even *if* KORA is in the process of being certified, Miranda should not be saying it is as it is not certified until it is legally certified.

Sept 27th, Facebook, KORA is certified:

Oct 11th, KORA blog, KORA isnt certified (PIC MAY NOT WORK FULLY, DIRECT LINK >HERE<:

Oct 14th, KORA blog comment (used Twitter to show date), KORA is back to being certified:

The verdict:

KORA is either certified or it isn’t so unsure with the constant back and forth. Two possible explanations are; a) KORA is not certified and never will be but saying it is will make more sales and the dumb people will buy it without question even though the whole process is taking waaay too long or b) KORA is infact in the process of being certified but you can not say it is certified when it isn’t and only when the paperwork has gone through and the Certified Organic logo is on the packaging can she claim this.

P.S Don’t forget folks that Therese has rosacea and no other organic products worked for her until she tried Miranda’s. Yes, that’s right, only her own daughter’s products worked for her. Spooky!

~ by Kerrazy Lies on October 15, 2010.

14 Responses to “Certified Organic?”

  1. I just discovered your blog and love it. We need something like this for those who are blind but of course many will decide to stay ignorant.

    I remember there being a review of her KORA line a while that was a bad one. I wish I could remember where I found it. But basically it said that it is bad.

    Hmm I wonder if she will really use it on the baby or have her nanny do it for her.

  2. Well done! At least someone is noticing and pointing out her lies. Maybe the shippers should learn to read properly.

  3. Thanks for pointing out all the crap she’s writing on her FB. It drives my crazy that she is claiming her stuff is certified but in fact isn’t. There are people who believe her and buy it because of that. I wouldn’t be surprised if it will never be labeled. Sadly there’s no way to find out if it’s still in the progress to get certified or it was denied for some reasons.
    But she was claiming that it is organic from the beginning. So you would think she tried to get it labeled BEFORE she started to sell it.
    But as always it doesn’t make sense. From which side you look at it it is still weired.

  4. Cannot believe she does this! Whether or not it is in “the middle” of being certified like you say, IT IS NOT CERTIFIED UNTIL THE PAPERWORK IS ALL SIGNED!! So she cannot make the certified claims AT ALL.

    It amazes me what she will say just to have people buy her crap. She is unbelievable.

    I think she should have got all this sorted before she went ahead and put them on the market, I doubt it takes over a year to certify these things.

    But then most of her products contain Benzyl alcohol which is very harsh in sensitive skins, yet for example she has it in her Soothing Day and Night Cream, for Sensitive skins!! I know a few people who have had a bad reaction to Benzyl alcohol, so it is hardly a good thing to be putting in a “natural, organic” product! This ingredient is that strong that it is in some acne creams! People really need to look at the ingredients on her website for each product to see that she really isn’t selling Natural and Organic products, her products only have a few natural and a few organic ingredients in them, the rest is all chemical (except for the rosehip oil).

    However there are products out there that are 100% natural and organic, just look around online- they are usually cheaper than her crap too, and don’t charge the earth for shipping costs either. So in a nutshell she could sell 100% natural and organic, but she doesnt, and the reason she probably doesnt is because it is cheaper to “fill” out the products ingredients with chemicals than use more of the natural and organic ingredients- so it all comes down to money and she doesnt want to spend too much, but she wants to make a good profit.

  5. Oh and according to this Lactic Acid(which are in a lot of her products) actually IRRITATE people with eczema, yet Miranda claims it HELPS eczema!


    Oh, and benzyl alcohol like I mentioned:


    So in a nutshell she is selling products with known ingredients that IRRITATE and can make eczema worse yet she is selling them as cures!!

  6. @calpurnia
    read my comment in the last post, about Lactic Acid, benzyl alcohol and so on, and keep you more well informed. Those ingredients are permitted even in organic products, and Lactic acid is also the main component of an intravenous fluid, common used in hospital.

    • Warfarin is commonly used in hospitals but Warfarin, as Im sure your aware, is rat poison. It doesn’t make any difference what is allowed and what isn’t because most companies will try and get away with putting crap in their products, the facts here are that these acids are not suitable for sensitive skin and the skin of a baby.

      • “The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) includes Lactic Acid, Calcium Lactate, Potassium Lactate and Sodium Lactate on its list of substances considered Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) as direct food additives. Ethyl Lactate and Butyl Lactate are also approved for use as direct food additives and Glycolic Acid (hydroxyacetic acid) is permitted for use as an indirect food additive in adhesives.

        The safety of Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid, their salts and esters, has been assessed by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) Expert Panel. The CIR Expert Panel evaluated the scientific data and concluded that Glycolic Acid, Ammonium Glycolate, Sodium Glycolate, and Lactic Acid, Ammonium Lactate, Calcium Lactate, Potassium Lactate, Sodium Lactate, TEA-Lactate, Methyl Lactate, Ethyl Lactate, Butyl Lactate, Lauryl Lactate, Myristyl Lactate and Cetyl Lactate were safe for use in cosmetics and personal care products at concentrations of 10% or less, at final formulation pH of 3.5 or greater, when formulated to avoid increasing sun sensitivity or when directions for use include the daily use of sun protection. These ingredients were found safe for use in salon products at concentrations of 30% or less, at final formulation pH of 3.0 or greater, in products designed for brief, discontinuous use followed by thorough rinsing from the skin, when applied by trained professionals, and when application is accompanied by directions for the daily use of sun protection.”

        If you are searching for potential toxic effect for one substance, you can find it for every substance on earth face. Everything. This is why they are used in different concentration depending from their use and why there are now laws about this. And I don’t think that KORA is violating any law or norm about cosmetic products, even for sensitive skins.

  7. Hi, I had been thinking about using organic skin care for awhile now and I decided to try KORA by Miranda Kerr as I trusted her and believed that this would help my skin. I have been using It for a few days now and although it seems lovely I couldn’t help notice that it didn’t have the certified logo.

    I went to Boarders and read a book called Toxic Beauty and it listed a few harmful ingredients that are in KORA. I was a bit upset to find out that i had just spent all this money on her entire range only to now find out that its not certified organic and does in fact contain these harmful chemicals.

    I does not make me think badly of her because she must have had some help from some people and they would have decided a few of the ingredients or how it was made. She probably did not have 100% control over the product and had others doing it for her. Although it is a shame that she has linked her name to a product that is being falsely advertised as organic.

    It would make me more confident in the product if it had this logo.

    This book also listed products that were 100% organic and ones that weren’t (unfortunately Miranda’s was not in there) But an Australian product by the name of Nui Coconut was listed as 100% organic!

    So there are products out there that we can trust but there are people controlling our way of life and the products we consume as well as advertising, media and news.

    Mon x

    • Thanks for your message. I can understand you wanted to try her product as you trusted her and can understand that you think she has had help from other people while making this product. All I can say regarding the ingredients is that Miranda and Therese have both stated that Miranda herself created KORA because Miranda could not find any other skin care line out there that she was happy with, of course, whether this is true is another story but as Miranda is taking responsibility for the ingredients then I will lay the blame of 100% of the ingredients at her feet. She also said she worked with chemists on KORA but chemists will only do what she tells/pays them to do. Miranda has her whole family working for KORA so I personally believe KORA is Miranda’s baby and controls probably everything to do with it. The only outsider I know of that has anything to do with KORA is George Moskos and he is only a financial backer when it comes to Eco friendly businesses. I am surprised that you said you were shocked to see there was no certified logo, when did you buy KORA? The reason I ask is that Miranda and Therese have both said KORA is certified (which is why I can understand you were expecting to find a logo), then switched to they were in the process. Miranda lied about being certified organic and lied about being in the process (they have been saying both for around a year or so) because they only applied for organic certification in late November/early December 2010. People here have found out many bad ingredients in KORA but I think companies that give organic certification still do allow a percentage of bad ingredients.

      Again, thanks for your thoughts.

  8. Did you know that Kora and her facebook, and all of the people actually deliberately remove anything that contradicts their notions and beliefs. So it seems like everyone in the world likes her, but most of them are australian. if you go on the earth hour blog, there’s only 4 comments on her post and it’s all removed by the adminstrator (miranda-affiliated).
    wow, is she really that insecure?

    • Oh yes, the constant deleting of peoples comments are well documented here and I think she does it more than we think but only know of the times she has actually been caught doing it… how many other times are there but yes, its to look like everyone loves her and everyone loves KORA. The KORA blog doesnt do as well as I would have thought but that blog is heavilly moderated so I guess anything less than a “Miranda you are God” just wont make it through lol

  9. have you seen that girl? she kinda seems like she has been paid to advertise miranda’s products. have you actually tried them? ’cause before i read this blog i was about to buy them, but now i’m not even sure if they work 🙂

    • You are right, it sounds very much bought.

      In addition, no right before-afterward pictures are shown because the afterward picture (and the video himself) is illuminated brightly and then every skin unevenness disappears by himself. 😉

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