“They Aren’t Together… Yet!”

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom were once just friends (believe it or not). Miranda was with “the love of her life” Jay Lyon when she met Orlando in 2007, Orlando was single. Carlii Lyon (Jays sister) is Miranda’s publicist and issued a statement regarding the couple and the rumors circulating them.

I can’t remember the exact quote from Carlii, but it was along the lines of: “they are not dating… yet” (anyone who remembers the exact quote, feel free to correct me).

Those of you who do not think this is odd are insane because Carlii saying this is shitting on her own brother. Who would be ok about such rumors that indicate your brother is being either cheated on or that your brothers girlfriend is using another man for publicity (as Miranda said her being linked to Orlando was good publicity). Once Miranda and Orlando got together, why was Carlii still ok about this? Her brother had either been a) cheated on, b) dumped or c) quickly replaced. Jay claimed it was a mutual decision but also said he wouldn’t say anything else about it. Does this indicate he was upset over it? If so, then again, why was Carlii pro Miranda/Orlando?

One story out there is that Orlando wanted Miranda’s number and had to get it off her agent. This is a huge indication Orlando was “after” Miranda and why would Carlii be ok with that? Another man after her brothers girlfriend yet she was still team KerrBloom, pushing the “not yet” angle out there.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on October 14, 2010.

One Response to ““They Aren’t Together… Yet!””

  1. Depends what you believe. Whether they are real or you believe Ted and he needed a beard (as he is bisexual) and he took on Miranda for the job or they were just fuckbuddies with some PR on the side. TBH any option doesn’t tend to go with all this because it still has Carlii shitting on her brother and what person would do that? I can only think that Jay never minded all of the publicity that Miranda was getting from all the Orlando stuff as he would benefit too. Maybe she then parted ways from Jay as she knew it was a “chance in a lifetime opportunity”- and that fits with any theory you want to believe. Maybe Jay agreed with her and they split amicably. I don’t know, all I do know is that Jay was on Miranda’s facebook friends before she started the one she is using now, so to me they were “fine” with one another. But you can never shake off that seedy set up because it is so wrong for no matter which theory, but that doesn’t surprise me because they are all shady as hell, Carlii, Miranda, Jay and Orlando.

    Great idea BTW! 🙂

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